Insert music in Proshow Producer, add music to video

Insert music in ProShow Producer to create a music video and photo will be great. This article will guide you in detail how to insert music in ProShow Producer.

Most users use Proshow Producer to make videos from photos, however, you can also insert existing videos into Proshow Producer. Way Insert video into ProShow Producer help you create new videos that combine old photos and videos. To make the video more vivid, in this article, will guide you how to insert music in Proshow Producer.

Insert music guide in ProShow Producer

Step 1: To insert music in Proshow Producer, after selecting the image to create the video, click Music to add music.

Step 2: Click the plus icon (+), select Add Sound File.

how to insert music in a proshow producer

Step 3: Browse to the folder containing the music you want to add, click on the music and press Open.

guide to create music in proshow producer

Step 4: You can add more songs, music by the above to the video. In the side, there are options such as volume, music speed, cut … to choose. Then click OK to add music to the video.

mixing music in proshow producer

Music will appear in each of your videos.

guide to create music in proshow producer

Click Play to listen to the music that was just added to Proshow.

how to mix music in a production pro memowow

This is just a trick to insert music into Proshow Producer as well as Proshow Gold. You can do the same way in both video editing software.

You also wonder what is Proshow Producer and Proshow Gold. So take a look at the difference between Proshow Producer and ProShow Gold of to know the difference between these two leading video editing and creation software.
Proshow Producer error is something that users often encounter during use, however, the error Proshow Producer complex or simple depends on how to check, if you encounter any Proshow Producer error in the past Please use the images to send us to fix them.


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