Install 3uTools, use 3uTools to connect iPhone to computer

Install 3uTools, use 3uTools to connect iPhone to computer

Instructions for installing 3uTools and how to use 3uTools below will help you copy iPhone and iPad data to a computer and vice versa, besides, you can also use 3uTools on many other things such as setting ringtones, searching for those HOT song, app on the App Store today.

Software 3uTools was launched recently to use users to exchange, copy photos, music, backup or data recovery for iDevice. It can be said that, 3uTools is currently one of the transfer bridges between iDevice and PC, Laptop next to iTools, or iTunes, work install iTunes also causes a slower computer state so using 3uTools.

3uTools ensures more stability, more functions than iTools and the ability to perfect combination between iTunes and 3uTools brings a more convenient and superior feeling than other tools.

Install 3uTools, use 3uTools to connect iPhone to computer and vice versa

Step 1: First you read to download 3uTools, you can Download 3uTools here.

Step 2: At the main interface of the 3uTools installer. Very simple, you put a checkmark in the box Accepted Agreement then click Custom Install to be able to customize the 3uTools data storage folder (default is C: Program Files (x86) 3uTools ) and then click Install as in the picture below.

Install 3uTools to connect computers to iPhone, iPad

Step 3: At the bottom of the installer, ask if you want to create a shortcut at the desktop? Check the box if you want to leave it unchecked. Then choose Launch.

Install 3utools

Introduce functions and manuals after successfully installing 3uTools on computers and laptops :

3uTools has many common features such as checking iOS version, downloading and installing apps, games available in the store, making ringtones or setting wallpapers for iPhone, iPad.

If your Windows is not installed iTunes, the tool will report missing iTunes For normal operation, you can download iTunes here . If Windows you already have iTunes You can skip this step.

install mem 3utools

At interface APPS of the tool. There are many popular apps / games available today such as Pokémon GO, Candy Crush Saga, Netflix, You can Search for a specific application or game in the box. Search or download the App list at Apps and game listings at Games.

3utools rule for computers

In addition, 3uTools can be linked to accounts iTunes to download free and paid games and apps from the App Store. A feature that does not touch anyone of 3uTools.

3utools for laptop

At interface Ringtones of the tool, we can download ringtones according to the list that 3uTools is available, you can also create your own ringtones using 3uTools. 3uTools also organizes playlists by rankings such as:

Featured: Popular now
Weekly Rank: Weekly rankings
Monthly Rank: Monthly rankings
Total Rank: General rankings
Lastest: Added to the nearest
All Genres: All genres of music

Setup of 3utools

At interface Wallpapers The function and usage are no different from Ringtones, you can choose and download themes to your own liking according to the list of themes provided by 3uTools.

setup 3utools

At interface Hop dung Cu 3uTools, this interface includes the key functions of 3uTools such as Backup / Restore data, Create ringtones, or install the appropriate Firmware for your iPhone. Below would like to introduce some key functions of Toolbox:

Install 3u for iOS: Install 3uTools for your iPhone and iPad
Backup / Restore: Backup / restore data
Clean Garbage: Clean up memory
Make Ringtone: Create ringtone
Convert Video: Convert videos to iPhone, iPad format
Migrate Data: Data transfer
Compress Photo: Image compression saves memory
Realtime Screen: Directly control iPhone, iPad on the little machine
Realtime Log: Control history iPhone, iPad
Delete Invaild Icon: Delete the invalid icons
Open SSH: Install SSH for iPhone
Firmwares: Download and install the Firmware for iPhone / iPad
Reboot iDevice: Restart iPhone / iPad
Turn off iDevice: Turn off iPhone / iPad

Install mem 3utools software

Above showed you how to install 3uTools as well as some basic features about 3utool you should know, using 3uTools is very convenient and safer than iTools or iTunes, but you can still use Using all 3, it is still possible to install iTools or iTunes to use bluntly with 3utool if desired.
Especially with iTunes because this is an Apple-owned app nonetheless, in addition to being used as a tool to connect iPhone to computer, you can do many other purposes such as online shopping for applications. such as. And if you are using Windows 10 it should install iTunes for Window 10 Please. On Windows 10 version is very well supported.


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