Install Adblock, Addons to block ads on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers

Install Adblock, Addons to block ads on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers

Proceed to download Adblock and install this addons on Chrome browser, Firefox helps you block ads automatically on websites that you visit on your computer. Each browser will have different version of Adblock. Refer to the following Adblock installation of to know how to do it.

Currently there are many applications that support blocking ads on famous web browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Can mention some prominent utilities such as Super Ad Blocker or Adblock. In particular, Super Ad Blocker is a super tool in detecting and blocking all forms of online advertising such as ly-in, slide-in, flash, rich media, pop-ups, pop-unders, spyware ads. , messenger ads, … and also blocking malicious software such as viruses, spyware / adware included in those ads.

However, the most mentioned utility is still Adblock Plus, Adblock Plus is a tool to help you block ads on chrome and firefox. Just install this utility, you can immediately solve the situation of ads always appearing during web browsing

Instructions to install adblock plus for chrome, firefox

Tools needed:

– The latest version of the utility Download Adblock

– Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. If not, you can download and install the latest version of the two browsers FirefoxasGoogle Chrome von my computer

Instructions for installing adblock plus for chrome

Step 1: First you need to download Adblock Plus for Chrome browser. Click here “Add to Chrome”

Install adblock for Google Chrome

Install adblock plus for chrome, firefox

Step 2: At this point, the browser will display a dialog box asking you again if you want to add or not. You choose “More”

guide to adblock for chrome

The browser displays the message that the installation was successful.

How to install adblock for Firefox

Instructions to install adblock plus for firefox

Step 1: Similar to when installing for chrome first you download Adblock Plus for firefox browser and select “Install”

You just need to wait a moment the utility will be installed

Install adblock for firefox browser

Install adblock plus for firefox, chrome

Step 2: After finishing to check that adblock plus has been installed for firefox. Come on in Tools -> Add-ons To test

how to install adblock plus for firefox

Go to Extensions and see Adblock Plus already installed

how to install adblock plus for firefox
Through this article, you already know how to install adblock plus for chrome and firefox to block annoying ads from appearing while you are surfing the web. To learn more about the features, you can refer to the article block ads with Adblock on browsers that introduced in the previous tip article.


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