Install and use Ace File Shredder to delete junk files on your computer

For those data files that are no longer needed you often use the way to delete them from your computer. But to eliminate them completely, you need the help of specialized software. And Ace File Shredder will help you do this job quickly and easily.

Ace File Shredder is used for effective deletion of data files on the computer, especially the powerful stubborn file removal feature. However, not everyone knows how to install this software properly. Follow the article below of to know how to install Ace File Shredder properly.

How to install Ace File Shredder to delete data files on the computer

System requirements:

– You should install Ace File Shredder on computers using Windows 2000 / XP / Vista operating system.

Step 1: Open the folder containing the installation file of the section as: ace-file-shredder_12.

If you do not have the software, you can download the latest version of Ace File Shredder here: Download Ace File Shredder

Ace File Shredder

Step 2: Click next to start the installation process

Install Ace File Shredder

Step 3: Checked I accept the agreement and click next

Step 4: Change to the directory containing the installation file by clicking Browse (You can leave the file path to the default directory).
Press next

Step 5: You choose Create a Desktop Icon: Create a software icon on the desktop and click next to perform the installation process.

Step 6: The installation process has ended. Press finish

Manual Ace File Shredder to delete junk files

Step 1: You can delete a file by, clicking Shred Files … on the program interface

– A window appears to select the file to be deleted, access the folder containing the file to be deleted, select and then select Open to open.

Step 2: At this step click Yes, Confirm Shred to confirm deletion.

After deletion will be notified as shown below.

Step 3: Similarly to delete directories, on the main screen we click Shred Folders …, we select the folder to delete, select OK, got it to continue.

Step 4: In this step click Yes, Confirm Shred to confirm deletion.

Step 5: To delete all traces of previously deleted files, select Wipe Free Disk Space … then select the drive to wipe (in this case drive C or drive D), select Wipe Free Disk Space.
Installing Ace File Shredder on your computer is completely simple thanks to the steps above, so you can use the utility to remove junk files, stubborn files on the computer easily. In addition, you can consult and use other data deletion software available in


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