Install and use Anvide Lock Folder to protect folders on the computer

Anvide Lock Folder is a software that helps you protect folders containing important data to prevent unwanted users access. will guide you how to install Anvide Lock Folder to use on your computer most effectively.

Using Anvide Lock Folder on your computer will protect all folders that are documents, personal data stored on the computer, no one except you when using the same computer with you can see the content inside these directories.

Install Anvide Lock Folder what are the benefits?

– Set password to protect folders, not limit the size of folders.
– Quickly use utilities with available hotkeys instead of mouse.
– Support command line to operate on MS DOS window.

System requirements

– Install Anvide Lock Folder on computers using Windows operating systems with all versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8.

Instructions for installing Anvide Lock Folder

Step 1: Open the folder where the Anvide Lock Folder installation file is saved as a name ALF.exe (or if your computer doesn’t already have one, you can download the latest version of Anvide Lock Folder to use)

Install anvide lock folder

Step 2: Select the appropriate language to use on the Anvide Lock Folder interface later. Each language is represented by the flags of those States, select the flag and click the check mark to confirm.

Anvide Lock Folder

Step 3: The terms prescribed by the manufacturer require, you must agree to continue installing Anvide Lock Folder. Click Accept to agree.

The utility is very small in size, so the installation process is also quick. After successful installation, Anvide Lock Folder has the interface as shown below

Manual Anvide Lock Folder to protect folders

Step 1: On the program interface, Click the sign icon “+” to select the folder where you want to set the password.

After selecting the folder ->OK, got it.

Install password storage with anvide lock folder

Step 2: Click the lock icon to set a password. A window opens with 2 main settings:

Password: Enter the password you want to set for the folder.
Confirmation: Re-type the password you just typed (note the password here must match the password in the section Password).

Click Protect to confirm the password set.

Anvide lock folder

So just a few simple steps, you install Anvide Lock Folder. In addition to Anvide Lock Folder, you can download other folder protection software at


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