Install and use CCleaner Browser on PC

CCleaner Browser is a browser released by Piriform based on the Chromium kernel that inherits all the advanced features of Google Chrome along with the ability to block ads, and comes with an extremely useful computer cleaning tool. What are you waiting for, install and use CCleaner Browser on your PC go?

CCleaner Browser products from Piriform, in addition to helping users surf the web, read newspapers, play online games … this browser also supports cleaning CCleaner computer very quickly and effectively. With Chromium kernel platform of Chrome browser and some other web browsers available on the market, when users install and use CCleaner Browser on your computer would be the perfect alternative to Chrome, Firefox or other popular web browsers available today.

Install and use CCleaner Browser, a browser that blocks ads on your computer

Instructions for installing and using CCleaner Browser on PC

To install use CCleaner Browser On the computer, you follow the instructions as follows:

Step 1: Load download CCleaner Browser Latest version directly here: Download CCleaner Browser

Step 2: You double-click on the installation file CCleaner Browser just downloaded to run this software.

set and use ccleaner browser on pc 2

Then click on Accept and Install to accept and install the browser.

set and use ccleaner browser on pc 3

Step 3: right away CCleaner Browser will install on your computer and laptop.

set and use ccleaner browser on pc 4

Wait a few seconds for the installation to complete -> the installation is completed, CCleaner Browser will automatically run -> and you can access the web to read newspapers, listen to music, watch movies … whatever you like.

set and use ccleaner browser on pc 5

The picture above is that you access the website -> also here, you will see the interface CCleaner Browser is almost complete with Chrome.

Step 4: About usage CCleaner Browser basically the same with Chrome browser. You can customize this browser, change the language, bookmark the page, set the browser as the default, check the secure connection of the page, reset the CCleaner Browser … similar to the one you manipulated above. Chrome.

Special highlight of the browser CCleaner Browser It’s a built-in cleaning tool right away Privacy Cleaner on the browser whenever the user browses the web. You will notice this tool is located in the upper right corner of the web browser interface.

set and use ccleaner browser on pc 6

To use this tool, you just need to click on it -> interface Security & Privacy Center immediately appear in the next tab.

set and use ccleaner browser on pc 7

With this tool, you can click to make the link to run the software Ccleaner If your computer has a built-in system cleaning application. In addition, you can set up anti-phishing, anti-tracking and HTPPS, password management, webcam protection … and especially ad blockers to avoid troubles during the process of using the program. browse this web.

The image below shows a detailed capture of the tool’s special features Security & Privacy Center of the browser CCleaner Browser

set and use ccleaner browser on pc 8
The article above has just taught you how install and use CCleaner Browser on PC With very simple steps only. Basically, the installation is quite similar to when you install a normal software on your computer, however, this is a new browser anyway, so detailed instructions for installation and how to Using CCleaner Browser on your computer is also necessary to do. You should install immediately to experience the features of this web browser, especially the tool Ccleaner clean the computer, it will be great!


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