Install and use Deep Freeze Standard to freeze computer hard drives

Deep Freeze Standard is software that protects your computer safely by freezing the hard drive or the entire computer system. would like to guide you how to install Deep Freeze Standard to use it best on your computer.

Deep Freeze Standard was developed to help you fully protect your computer’s operating system as well as internal components such as the hard drive from data loss or external impact to change the data.

As soon as the utility is activated, all settings as well as previously installed applications will be preserved, other programs and software that are started when Deep Freeze Standard has started will be completely disappeared.

What are the benefits of installing Deep Freeze Standard?

– Comprehensive protection of the system and internal components such as hard drives.
– Restore original operating status each time the computer is restarted.
– Optional freezing modes for one or more hard drives.
– Protect the settings with a password.

System requirements

– Install Deep Freeze Standard on computers using Windows operating systems with all versions such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8.

Instructions for installing Deep Freeze Standard

Step 1: Open the folder containing the installation file Deep Freeze Standard, select the installation file named DFStd.exe (or if the computer does not already have, you can download the latest version of Deep Freeze).

Deep freeze standard

Step 2: A window will appear with necessary information about the manufacturer as well as the Deep Freeze Standard software.

Click next to continue.

Deep Freeze Standard

Step 3: The next window contains the terms that the manufacturer requires you to agree to install Deep Freeze Standard.

Choose I accept the terms … to agree to the terms.

Click next to continue.

Step 4: Check mark Use Evaluation to accept the trial version. If you use the copyright code of the publisher, you go to the section License Key, then enter that license code to use it.

Click next

Step 5: In the window Frozen Drives Configuration will display all available hard drives in the computer, note only Select the hard drives you want to freeze.

Click next.

Step 6: Click Install for the installation of Deep Freeze Standard to begin

Immediately after the installation is completed, the computer will automatically restart, so do not be surprised because the computer itself shuts down!

The installation process of Deep Freeze Standard is finished, to open the utility, you use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F6, the program has the interface as shown below.

Tutorial Using Deep Freeze freezes the hard drive

Step 1: Because Deep Freeze Standard does not have an icon outside the Dexktop screen, only a small white bear icon in the system tray, so you can only open this utility by holding the key Shift on the keyboard and double-click the icon in the system tray or use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F6.

Click OK, got it to enter the Deep Freeze Standard interface

How to use deep freeze standard with the state

Step 2: On the interface of Deep Freeze Standard, at Tab Status There are 3 main settings for you to choose.

Frozen boot (default mode): Turn on freezing mode, preventing all operations such as copying, overwriting, deleting .. data.
Boot Thawed on Next: Allow the computer to restart with a predetermined number of times (selected in Restarts) in the state that the hard drive is allowed to record and install normally.
Boot Thawed: Turn off freezing mode, which means you can now install, record or delete data on the hard drive normally.

After you have selected the modes, click Apply and Reboot

Attention: The computer must be restarted for the new modes to be enabled.

Deep Freeze Standard

Using Deep Freeze Standard, you can freeze computer hard drives easily, which helps you to protect your computer and work more effectively.

Above is the entire guide to install and use the basic functions of the Deep Freeze software, when you do not want to use this application, you can refer to the instructions to remove Deep Freeze if you find it difficult.
In addition to Deep Freeze Standard, you can refer to many hard drive freezing software appreciated by other users available on such as Shadow Defender, Power Shadow, Returnil Virtual System Premium Edition …


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