Install and use Firefox effectively surf the Web on your computer

Firefox is a browser that is no stranger to each person, this is also a browser with fast surfing speed, safety and very good security. Below Taimienphi please guide you how to install and use Firefox effectively surf the Web on your computer, follow the article below.

Speaking of Mozilla Firefox, you probably already know about the most powerful web browser today, being a direct competitor of Google Chrome, between FireFox and Google Chrome is hard to say more than anyone and each browser has its own strengths. , but we are sure that installing Firefox on your computer, you will never be disappointed with that decision.

Install and use Firefox effectively surf the Web on your computer

What are the advantages of Mozilla Firefox over other browsers?

Mozilla Firefox will help you detect and prevent threats in time and affect computer systems such as Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Rootkits … Viruses that can spread via Internet Explorer. and Yahoo are both blocked by Mozilla Firefox.
System requirements:

You can install Firefox on any computer, including desktops or laptops, as long as those computers use Windows, MAC OS X, Linux …

Table of Contents:
1. Instructions on how to install.
2. How to use.

Instructions for installing Firefox

Before starting to install Firefox, require the computer to have the installer of this add-on or if not, you can download the latest version of the software to experience the new features: Download Firefox right here.
The installation of this browser is conducted by the following steps:
Step 1: Open the folder containing the Mozilla Firefox installer, search for the installation file named mozilla_firefox.exe. Click on this EXE file, a message window displays the installation file name and the directory containing the installation file of this utility.
Choose Run to continue.
Install mozilla firefox
Step 2: At this step, the manufacturer allows you to choose one of the following 2 settings,
* If selected Option.
install firefox
In this dialog, the manufacturer requires you to select the folder to save the Firefox installation file by clicking Browse, or use the default directory, usually the drive C: .
Select one or all of the 3 available options to create a shortcus in the Task bar, in StarMenu or on the Desktop.
Click Install for Firefox installation process to start.
Install mozilla firefox on pc
guide to install firefox
* Choose Install: Firefox installation process will take place immediately.
luot web with firefox
After the installation of Firefox has finished, the browser will have the interface as shown below.
firefox interface

Instructions for using Firefox effectively

After installing Firefox on your computer, You click on the icon of the software on the Desktop (if during the installation process, you agreed to place the icon on the Desktop).
Browser interface as shown below. To access any website you just need to enter the URL of the website into the address bar and press Enter. Firefox then redirects to the content of the Web page for you to see.
In addition, to use Firefox effectively, you can set up additional features on the browser menu:
– File: Manage tabs and windows on the browser.
– Edit: Tools for editing, copying, copying, searching
– View: The screen mode view website content.
– History: Where to store the website addresses you have visited.
– Bookmarks: Mark good, important websites
– Tools: Customize advanced features, data synchronization, extensions, …
Above is a tutorial on how to install Firefox on computers for those who are still having difficulty installing this browser. This is one of the fastest Web browsers today, you should use and will understand why many people choose to use such browser. And if you’ve already ignored Firefox, don’t forget to set firefox as your web browser, because when set firefox as the default web browser all actions and actions related to the link will be opened by default in Firefox.


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