Install and use Unlocker to remove stubborn files from the computer

It can be said that Unlocker is an important and necessary application for all users who regularly use working computers. The utility helps you permanently remove unnecessary data. But not everyone knows how to install this software properly. The following article will guide you how to install Unlocker to delete stubborn files.

Unlocker is a utility to help users completely delete data files on the system. You can also use this software to remove stubborn files, locked files, … easily. With its advanced features, Unlocker helps you free up hard drive space and speed up computer operations.

Install Unlocker have any benefits?

– Completely remove stubborn files, locked files easily and effectively.
– Return the space to the computer hard drive.
– Increase productivity for computers.

System requirements

– You should install Unlocker on computers using Windows operating systems versions 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7

Instructions for installing Unlocker

Step 1: Open the folder containing the software saved under the name: unlocker_192.exe. If no software you can download the latest version of Unlocker.

How to install Unlocker to delete files

Step 2: Select the language using the software. Then click OK, got it

Step 3: Click next to continue

Step 4: Choose I Agree to continue the installation

Step 5: There are 2 options on the program interface

– Quick (Recommended): Quick installation, this option installs the Delta Toolbar software and bar.
– Advanced: Advanced settings.
+ Install Delta toolbar: Install the Delta Toolbar.
+ Make Delta my default search engine: Make Delta my default search engine.
+ Make Delta my default homepage and new tab: Set Delta as homepage.

Click to select next to continue

Step 6: Select the folder to save the software installation file by clicking Browse and change the path (Can leave the default path). Click to select next to continue.

Step 7: Click Install to start the software installation process

Step 8: Click finish to complete the installation process

And this is the software interface

Manual Unlocker to delete the data file

Step 1: Right-click the file or folder to delete and select Unlocker


Step 2: Click on the item No action choose Delete then select Ok, got it.

Delete the file with Unlocker

After the program is done, a message will appear

You press OK, got it to finish. So the file or folder has been deleted.

Some methods of deleting data files on the computer

Use the delete command in DOS

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R to open the window Run, input cmd, then press OK, got it

Step 2: Type in the command line DEL To delete a file as: DEL File path.

Delete the file by turning off Explorer

Step 1: Right-click the taskbar (taskbar), select Task Manager or press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + DEL to open Task Manager

Step 2: In the tab Process, find the item Window Explorer (for Windows 10, 8, 8.1) or explorer.exeRight click on the process and select it End task

Step 3: On the window Task Manager press File, choose Run new task

Step 4: Enter a window displaying the cmd line to open the Command Prompt window

Step 5: Enter the command to delete the file as instructed above

Step 6: After deleting the file, you repeat as step 3, type in the window Run current explorer, press Enter to restart Windows Explorer

Boot Clean Boot mode

It is possible that when you do not delete a file, it may be because the third application is working that leads to the file not being deleted. You should start Windows in Clean Boot mode and try to delete the file. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R to open the window Run, input msconfig, then press OK, got it

Step 2: Click to select the tab General, choose Selective Startup, tick the box Load system services, uncheck the box Load startup items.

Step 3: Switch to the tab Services, press Disable All, press OK, got it to finish.

Step 4: You restart the computer, delete the file and check the phenomenon

Delete the file in Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a safe boot mode. In this mode, only system processes or services are started on the computer. Therefore, you can easily delete stubborn files from the computer. You can also refer to how to enter Safe Mode for each model here
Above are some methods to delete files that cannot be deleted on Windows. You can manipulate in turn until the file is deleted. However, you should also note to avoid mistakenly deleting system files leading to operating system failure. You should also note that deleting junk files by using system cleaning software to make the computer work more efficiently.


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