Install and use VietNam Karaoke on your computer

No need for expensive equipment, using Vietnam Karaoke on your computer will be an effective way to easily sing your favorite songs with great sound quality right on your computer without spending too much cost. invest.

VietNam Karaoke essentially a re-designed video player that helps users download and play karaoke songs on their computer. The karaoke software itself does not contain many songs that users need to download themselves. Therefore, users can flexibly search and download just the right songs they love about the device without worrying about filling up the memory capacity.

Install and use VietNam Karaoke on your computer

To install and use Vietnam Karaoke On the computer, users who love singing of Taimienphi can refer to the instructions in the content right below.

Install and use Vietnam Karaoke on your computer

Before going to learn about how to install or use Vietnam Karaoke, you should download the latest version of the software by following the link below.

– Download Vietnam Karaoke software here: Download VietNam Karaoke

Step 1: After downloading the software Vietnam Karaoke about the device, you proceed to extract. You can use tools like Winrar, 7 zip, WinZip, … all.

Step 2: You access the folder containing Vietnam unzipped Karaoke. Double click on the file Karaoke.exe .

Set and use Vietnamese karaoke on computer 2

Step 3: On the desktop of the software, you mouse over to the left . The song selection window will display.

At this time you Double click on the song name I love to choose the song.

Set and use Vietnamese karaoke on computer 3

Step 4: The screen of the Karaoke song will display as shown below. You can connect the mic to the computer and start singing as usual;

Set and use Vietnamese karaoke on computer 4

Step 5: In case you want to skip the song, you hover the mouse to the right of the screen. A small dialog box appears, you press Ignore .

Similarly, to turn off the software, you also move the mouse to the right and select Exit ;

Set and use Vietnamese karaoke on computer 5

Can see, Vietnam Karaoke is a compact software and has an extremely simple usage to help users quickly satisfy their passion for singing. Hopefully, through the instructions that Taimienphi has just implemented, you will be easy use VietNam Karaoke and have moments of fun entertainment. In addition, if you are lazy to install karaoke software, you can access many websites, online karaoke services, details of options Karaoke website here.
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