Install Chinese Font on the computer

Installing Chinese Font on your computer is one of the mandatory things that users need to do to be able to read Chinese documents or type if Windows is not installed, if you do not know how to do it, Taimienphi will guide you. Quick guide through the content below.

If not install Chinese Fonts When you work with documents or programs that use this language, the screen will display only squares or obscure special characters.

Install Chinese Font on the computer

To quickly resolve this error, Taimienphi will perform the tutorial install Chinese Fonts Help you work with text in this language more conveniently.

Install Chinese Font on the computer

Step 1: First you need download Chinese Fonts on your device. If you do not know where to download, you can immediately download the full and beautiful Chinese font right in the link below.

– Download Chinese Fonts here: Download Chinese font

Step 2: Right-click on the downloaded file and extract it. Here, Tamienphi uses a software decompression tool WinRAR.

set Chinese font on computer 2

Step 3: Access to the unzipped folder, you Right click into each file of the format is .TFT and choose Install to install each font individually. Or press the key combination Ctrl + A and choose Install to install in its entirety.

set Chinese font on computer 3

After installing the system, then proceed to install the font, now you can read or type Chinese characters right on the device. Now open a document with content in any Chinese to check it out!

set Chinese font on computer 4

With the install Chinese Font Taimienphi has introduced, from now on you can comfortably read documents or type text in this language on your computer. To learn more about typing Chinese on your computer, please read the next article on Taimienphi’s website! In addition, you refer to more ways install Japanese font for the computer here.
Besides Chinese fonts, there are many other beautiful fonts such as calligraphy font, Vietnamese … so that you can unleash your creativity on photo editing software.


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