Install Dropbox on Windows 10, install Dropbox in Windows 10

Install Dropbox on Windows 10, install Dropbox in Windows 10

The following article, would like to share how to install Dropbox on Windows 10. Dropbox software helps you synchronize data online quickly, create a backup for important files with the ability update quick changes.

If previously, Dropbox only had separate applications for PCs and web platforms, now, users can install Dropbox on Windows 10 as a mobile application and can use Dropbox to back up data on the archive. cloud storage.

However, make sure that you have created a Dropbox account before you can store data on the cloud data store. Remember when Create a Dropbox account will require an email account, usually the user will sign up for Gmail More, so you can also use your Gmail account to sign up Dropbox most convenient.

Install Dropbox on Windows 10, use Dropbox on Windows 10

Step 1: Open Windows Store on your computer by pressing the Start Menu key and typing Store. Then click the search results. Or not, you can click to select Store right on Windows 10 in the Taskbar.

Step 2: In the interface Store, type search application Dropbox.

Install dropbox on windows store in Windows 10

Select Dropbox in the suggestion to install Dropbox on Windows 10.

Install dropbox on Windows 10 through the Windows store

In the Dropbox application download interface, click Free to download. Wait a moment to install Dropbox on Windows 10.

dropbox rule

dropbox on windows 10

Installation is complete, you press Open to open the application on Windows 10.

dropbox win 10

Step 3: In the Dropbox startup interface on Windows 10, you have two options Sign Up and Sign In, with Sign Up, you need to register a new account to access Dropbox. Meanwhile Sign In is the option to log in when you have a Dropbox account.

dropbox in win 10

Step 4: Enter your Dropbox account to log into cloud storage services and use Dropbox on Windows 10.

Install dropbox on Windows 10 operating system

And this is the main interface after installing Dropbox on Windows 10, users can create files, folders or take pictures to save files directly while using Dropbox on Windows 10.

dropbox on windows 10

After installing Dropbox on Windows 10 and successful Dropbox registration, you will easily use Dropbox on Windows 10 to share files, backup data. Usually users only have at least 5GB of initial capacity, if you want more space to back up data, you should apply the trick. increase Dropbox storage has been to increase the amount of GB can be stored offline.

Because Dropbox gives you only 5GB of free storage space, users can refer to data backup and online storage services like Google Drive or OneDrive. Currently Google Drive provides up to 15GB of space for data backup, of which OneDrive currently only provides 5GB of space for data backup only. So whatever tool you’re using, you need to pay attention if there won’t be enough storage space.
The process of using Dropbox on Windows 10 will also exist files that are no longer used or simply because users mistakenly downloaded and now want to delete data on Dropbox to increase memory capacity, and users will also have the option Delete one or more files, folders at the same time when using Dropbox for Windows 10.


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