Install IDM on Opera browser

Install IDM on Opera browser to download files, applications, … easier. Adding IDM to Opera browser by integrating IDM then installing from Extensions Library, refer to the detailed steps to install IDM on Opera browser in the following article of

Although the integration process IDM quite simple but during the installation process, users will encounter many difficulties.

Opera is one of the leading browsers today with fast browsing speed, OperaHas a simple interface and lightweight design. IDm is a useful tool, which helps to manage and schedule downloads simpler, download speed is 5 times faster.

IDMstands for Internet Download Manager, in addition, this IDM also added recovery features as well as the ability to restore in case if the download is interrupted due to network connection errors or connection loss.

Users can Add IDM to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Firefox, … and Opera easily. However, the Opera browser does not always automatically integrate IDM. You will therefore have to manually install IDM on the Opera browser. The process of installing IDM on IDM browser goes through 2 stages, integration and installation.

How to install IDM on Opera browser

The first step is to ensure that IDM is integrated into the Opera browser. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

Integrate IDM into Opera browser

Step 1: Open IDM on your computer, then click Downloads in the top menu as shown below. On the screen will display Downloads menu, select Options.

Step 2: The IDM configuration window (Internet Download Manager) will appear on the screen, where the General tab is selected by default. There are a number of options available at this tab. You choose the option named Use advanced browser integration. From the list of browsers you find Opera, then click OK, got it

idm on the opera

After IDM has been successfully integrated into the Opera browser on your computer, the next step is to install IDM on the Opera browser.

Install IDM on Opera browser

Step 1: Open the Opera browser on your computer, then click O-Menu From the browser, select Extensions. On the screen will display a menu, here you click Extensions Once again, open the Opera Extension page.

install id id on opera

Step 2: Next open File Explorer and navigate to the following file location:

C: Program Files (x86) Internet Download Manager

Set idm for opera

Step 3: After finding the file location, find IDMGCExt, then drag and drop IDMGCExt into the Opera Extension page.

install idm or download on opera

After completing the above steps, you have successfully installed IDM on Opera browser. Experience the features of IDM as well as the Opera browser with both ad blocking (Adblocker) and free VPN features.

We all know that Opera is a lightweight browser, with faster browsing speeds than other browsers. Moreover, Opera has added ad blocking features and a free VPN. IDM is a download tool that adds great features. The combination of IDM and Opera browser promises to give users a completely new experience.
The article on has shown you how Install IDM on Opera browser. Now you can experience download speeds on the brand new Opera browser, much faster than before.


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