Install Media in WordPress

Installing Media in WordPress to set the height and width of the image you will use on your website. In the following article, will guide you how to install Media in WordPress.

Previous articles on have shown you how to install Reading and Writing in WordPress to optimize your website. The following article will guide you How to install Media in WordPress.

Install Media in WordPress

Here are the steps to perform installing and managing Media in WordPress:

Step 1: Click Settings =>Media in WordPress.

Step 2: On the screen will display Media Settings page as shown below:

Install media in wordpress 2

Fill in the following information in the boxes on the Media Settings page:

Thumbnail size: Set thumb image size.
Medium size: Set height and width for a medium image.
Large size: Set the height and width for the large image.
Uploading files: If this option is checked, uploaded photos will be sorted into folders by year and month.

Step 3: After setting the parameters, click Save changes to save the Media settings changes in WordPress.

The article above has shown you how to install Media in WordPress. Also readers can refer to some other articles on to learn how to insert links, Install Writing in WordPress Please. Please read the latest articles of to supplement your WordPress usage skills.

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