Install more fonts for computers

Install more fonts for computers

Installing more fonts for your computer is an action that any user needs to do to present the text in a richer, more modern and professional way, and this is an easy way to avoid your device. encountering display errors when reading, working with strange fonts.

Because when installing the operating system for the computer, the default fonts are quite few and limited and in case you encounter errors during use, it is unavoidable. So for you to enter the characters without error fonts, today’s article I would like to introduce you how to install more fonts for your computer.

Instructions to install more fonts for computers and laptops.

Install more fonts for computers

To install more fonts for your computer, please refer to the following:
Method 1: First you enter My Computer, copy the font you want to install into the directory C: Windows Fonts.

Then the computer will automatically install those fonts for you

Method 2: Install fonts directly

You can install fonts directly by clicking on them and right-clicking to choose them Install.

Method 3: Come on in Control Panel Continue to select Fonts folder. Then double click to open this folder

Then you choose File -> Install New Fonts.

So the fonts have been installed completely. And you no longer have to worry about missing fonts so you always get font errors.
This article has introduced you how to install more fonts on your computer most effectively with 3 common ways. Through this article, we hope that your font error condition will be overcome. You can also see more How to install the font used on Windows. For more useful tips, please visit


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