Install multiple Windows into USB

Instead of having to install Windows separately on each USB, why don’t we combine them all, install multiple Windows on USB regardless of which Windows is, 32-bit or 64-bit version or even the linux operating system, Windows Server go more.

If before installing Win on USB saved you time and money instead of using a disk, it is now more complete when you can install multiple Windows on the same USB as long as your USB contains enough installation files of all those operating systems. You have the flexibility to choose to install Windows 7 with USB or Windows 8, Windows 10 as you like, and choose the 32-bit or 64-bit version. So how to install Windows 7, 8, 10 that includes 32-bit, 64-bit versions?

There are many tools and software to help you do this, but follow the instructions below to be able to Install multiple Windows into USB In the most standard way, it is simple and has few errors during the software installation process or Windows installation.

Instructions on how to install multiple Windows on USB.

* You need to prepare the following tools to create Windows 10, 8.1.7 installer

– Windows 7 Installer: Download Windows 7.
– Windows 8 installer: Download Windows 8.
– Windows 8.1 installer: Download Windows 8.1.
– Windows 10 installer: Download Windows 10.

– Next you need a software that allows you to create multiple Windows installers into USB, here we use USBHDDBOOT, readers can download USB HDD BOOT back to my computer here.

Many windows on usb 2

USBHDDBOOT is a software that helps us create installers of today’s popular operating systems including 32bit, 64 bit and All in One versions. In addition, USBHDDBOOT is a boot creation tool that integrates rescue software, disk software, hard drive or virus scan, the tools included in any rescue boot disk, you can refer to how Create bootable USB with USB HDD BOOT here to know how to use it.

Then we need to add a tool to help transfer the Windows installation file in iso format from a computer called Creat Win Files. In Creat Win Files Includes many versions of Windows to USB conversion support you can use to transfer as you like. For details on how to use multiple Windows settings on USB as well as Creat Win Files readers, please refer to the tutorial Create a Windows 10 8 7 installer on the same USB, not only does it have Windows 10, it also includes Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Many windows on usb 3

And with the two suggestions above you can refer to how to install multiple Windows on USB simply and most effectively for me. Please note the USB storage because Windows iso files are not lightweight and you should only install the necessary Windows for your computer or work.

Many windows on usb 4
So, with what mentioned above, you can completely install many Windows on USB by yourself simply and easily. The software uses Vietnamese language too, so we are sure readers will have no problem practicing. So follow the instructions in the article to be able to install Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 together.


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