Install Office 2010, Office suite for Word and Excel

Installing Office 2010 gives you one of the tools for editing Word documents, creating Excel spreadsheets and creating professional PowerPoint presentation slides. We will show you how to install Office 2010, the most detailed Word and Excel office toolkit

Office 2010 is a software suite for document writing, managing, or creating conferences from Microsoft. Microsoft is known as the largest software company in the world today. The two latest Microsoft products today are Microsoft Office 2016 and Windows 10. You can download Office 2016 and Windows 10 right now to experience these software.

Installing Office 2010 is also extremely simple, just a few steps will be guided in this article that you can use this useful tool immediately. And read more how Install Vietnamese interface for Office 2010 If you want to use Vietnamese language, okay?

Instructions for installing Office 2010, Word and Excel office toolkit

Now, let’s all together Install Office 2010 offline.

Step 1: Download the installer Office 2010 here.

Step 2: After the download is completed, Right-click the selected installation file Open.

Office 2010

Step 3: Read the note from the manufacturer, check the box in the left corner and tiếp tục.

guide to office 2010

Step 4: Enter the activation code for installing Office 2010 and selecting tiếp tục.

Office 2010

Step 5: Click on agree the terms and tiếp tục.

Office 2010

Step 6: At this step, you have the option, Install Now to install either Customize to customize your installer.

Office 2010

Step 7: When the newspaper software Comple your Office Experience is completed, close it and open Word or Excel to test it.
So has instructed you to install Office 2010 already. Also you should read more articles about these keyboard shortcuts in Word If you use this tool often in Office. Good luck.


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