Install Permalink in WordPress

Install Permalink in WordPress

Permalink (static path) in WordPress is links to specific posts or categories, allowing users to set the default permalink structure, in the article below will guide you how to install Permalink in WordPress helps set up the article path at your disposal.

Install Permalink in WordPress to add permalink structure to your posts on WordPress. Here are the steps to access and install Permalink in WordPress.

Install Permalink in WordPress

Follow the steps below to set up and manage Permalink (static paths) in WordPress:

Step 1: Click Settings =>Permalinks from the menu to the left of the WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: The screen will display the page as below:

Install permalink in wordpress 2

Here are some settings you can configure:

– Common Settings:

Check any options to select the permalink structure (static path structure) for your blog:

+ Default: Set default URL structure in WordPress.

+ Day and name: Set the URL structure by date and name in your post.

+ Numeric: Set the number in the URL in your post.

+ Post name: Set the post name in the URL structure of your post.

+ Custom Structure: Set up your preferred URL structure by entering the name you want into the given text box.

– Optional:

Here are the options. You can add custom structures for key categories or URL tags. Here are 2 options available:

+ Category Base: Add a custom URL prefix to your catalog.

+ Tag Base: Add custom prefix to the URL tag.

Step 3: Once done, click the button Save changes to save Permalink settings in WordPress and apply changes immediately.

Thus, the article on has shown you how to install Permalink in WordPress. Also readers can learn more ways Install Setting in WordPress If you are new to this website design platform.
Plugin in WordPress is a tool to help you a lot in the process of creating your website, there are many useful and important plugins in publishing, displaying articles, and Install the Plugin in WordPress also need to be accurate and meticulous or it will be wrong.


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