Install Pin in Windows 10

Install Pin in Windows 10

On Windows 10 operating system, in addition to using the normal password to log in the account, we can use the same account registered with Microsoft as a mail, there is another method is to register to install. pin code in Windows 10. This is also considered a solution in case you forget your password as well as an option to set a password on your computer.

Windows 10 is known as the latest and most secure operating system with a series of added features.In Windows 10, setting up security features is also very important, allowing us to install. Setting a pin (including the number) will be a faster and safer solution when logging in to the computer.

If you are using Windows 7 or 8, do not wait for anything else, upgrade, update Win 10 from Win 7 or 8 immediately and you will certainly not regret what it brings. One bright spot when installing a pin code is that we can optionally enter a password, either a pin or a Microsoft account. And if you enter the pin code, you do not need to press Enter after finishing the input process, the system will automatically analyze and if the correct password you will automatically be logged in.

Instructions for installing a pin in Windows 10

Step 1: Open MenuStart type search Setting and scroll through the search results.

pin ma win 10 set

Step 2: In the Settings section select items Accounts.

remove pin win 10

Step 3: Access to section Sign-in options and go to section THE BATTERY to generate pin. In the machine I created a pin code, so just click Change to change, and if for the first time use will have the word ADD. Click on it to add the pin code.

battery settings win 10

Step 4: Re-enter the pin then click OK, got it, Log-out Log off from your account and log back in with the newly installed pin code.

set the pin win 10

With a few basic steps above, you have set up the pin code installation in Windows 10, adding an option for protecting your computer and more secure in case you forget another password. Also you do not like to have cumbersome login then you can see how remove Windows 10 login password Please.
Besides installing Pin code for Windows 10, after successful installation, you can completely change the short length of Windows 10 pin code, refer to how to customize the short battery length on win 10 to know how to do it. show up.


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