Install Reading in WordPress

Install Reading in WordPress

Previous article Taimien showed you how to install WordPress as well as how to install Writing in WordPress, in the following article, will guide you how to install Reading in WordPress, help you understand more about how to choose the article published on the homepage

Install Reading in WordPress to set the relevant content to the top. You can also set the number of posts to display on your site’s home page. Refer to the following article of to know how Reading settings in WordPress.

Install Reading in WordPress

Follow the steps below to install Reading (reading setting) in WordPress:

Step 1: In WordPress, click Settings =>Reading.

setting reading in wordpress 2

Step 2: The Reading Settings window will display on the screen as shown below:

Reading settings in wordpress 3

Fill in the boxes on the Reading Settings settings window.

– Front page displays: This section is used to display the front page in any of the following formats:

+ Your latest posts: Displays the latest posts on the front page.
+ A static page: Display static pages at the top of the page.
+ Front Page: You can select the actual page you want to display on the first page from the menu.
+ Posts Page: You can select the page from the menu that contains the post.

Blog pages show at most: Number of posts displayed per page. The default is set to 10.
Syndication feeds show the most recent: Users can view the number of posts when they download one of the site feeds. The default is set to 10.
For each article in a feed, show: This section is used to display posts by selecting any format:

+ Full Text: Show full post. This option is set as the default option.

+ Summary: Show post summary.

Search Engine Visibility: After checking the Discourage search engines from indexing this site box, your site will be ignored by search engines.

Step 3: After completing the information, click the button Save Changes to save setting information on Reading Settings window.

The article on has shown you how to install Reading in WordPress. One of the other important settings is Install Writing in WordPress, setting up writing helps you handle the information in your writing.
Also readers can refer to some other articles on to know how to install Writing on WordPress or Optimize speed for WordPress so users can access your website faster.


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