Install Recuva, a software to recover lost data on your computer

Download and install recuva Crack makes it easy to recover data on the computer that you accidentally deleted, lost like file data from a damaged, formatted drive; Word documents have not been saved; data from memory cards, external storage devices …. When downloading and installing Recuva to your computer, you no longer have to worry about accidentally erasing or losing important data.

How to install Recuva, data recovery software on computers

The problem of data loss when using a computer occurs quite commonly, then you need the support of data recovery software. And Recuva will be a great choice for you, the software is able to retrieve data quickly and effectively, refer to how Recover data with Recuva to perform most accurately.

The recuva device must not be damaged

Download Recuva – Software supports effective data recovery

Recuva is one of the best applications available today. In addition to Recuva, you can download Recover My Files, Undelete Plus, DiskGetor Data Recovery to recover deleted and lost data during computer use, of which Undelete Plus is one of the quite supportive software. Good at recovering lost data.

Instructions on how to install Recuva on a computer

Install Recuva have any benefits?

– Recover data on a computer quickly and effectively, files from a damaged drive or formatted
– Recover data from memory cards, music players, external storage devices and deleted music on iPod.
– Recover unsaved Word documents

System requirements:

– You should install Recuva on computers using Windows xp / vista / 7/8 operating systems

Step 1: Download the latest version of Recuva here: download recuva

Step 2: Run the recuva software installation file, on the interface to select the language used in the item select your language then press next

recuvaThe recuva will need to be deleted

Step 3: Keep pressing next

Setup recuva must not be damaged

Step 4: If you do not want to install the accompanying applications such as google Chrome, click toobar and uncheck the corresponding applications and then click Install

The recuva will not restart the message

The installation process is happening

The recuva device must not be damaged

Step 5: After successful installation press finish to close the window

The recuva device must not be damaged

This is the main interface of the program you just installed recuva

Install the recuva key to remove the data

Manual Recuva data recovery

Step 1: At the main interface of the program, click the button next to continue

The recuva device must not be damaged

Step 2: You specify the data to be restored in the selections and then press the button next to continue

The recuva device must not be damaged

Step 3: Select devices and then press the button next to continue

The recuva device must not be damaged

Step 4: Press the button Start to perform a data scan.

(The program will have 2 scan modes: Normal and Deep, Deeper. Deeper, deeper scan takes more time than Normal but more effective scan. You should perform the mode Regular scan first, if the results are not as expected, then you return to check the Enable deep scan, more carefully.)

The recuva device must not be damaged

Step 5: Depending on the amount of data, the scanning time is fast or slow. When the scan is complete, the program will list the deleted files shown in specific colors such as:

– Green: Recovery is complete.
– Red: Unable to restore
– Yellow: Low resilience.

Then you select the files to be restored and click the button Recover Below, the program will get you back the necessary data.

The recuva device must not be damaged

Above, we have just shown you how to install and use the Recuva software to recover data effectively, With this software, you can completely recover deleted data with a few simple steps. In simple case, you do not want Recuva to automatically update new version data, please turn off Recuva update, detail how Turn off Recuva updates here
In addition to Recuva, you can easily get back the cool data by Recovering Data with Wise Data Recovery, which guided earlier, refer to Recover data with Wise Data Recovery for more options


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