Install the Plugin in WordPress

Install the Plugin in WordPress

In the previous article, showed you how to install Permalink as well as Media in WordPress, the following article will guide how to install the Plugin in WordPress so you can add many important plugins to support the website. mine.

Plugins allow users to easily modify, customize or upgrade blogs or posts on WordPress. WordPress plugin is a downloadable software to extend the functionality of the website, making it easier for users to work. Below will guide you how Install the Plugin in WordPress.

Steps to install the Plugin in WordPress

Follow the steps below to install the Plugin in WordPress:

Step 1: Click here Plugins =>Installed Plugins in the left pane as shown below.

Step 2: On the screen will display the window as shown below.

Install plugin in wordpress 2

In this section you can view the installed plugins.

Step 3: Click here Plugins =>Add New as shown below.

Install plugin in wordpress 3

Step 4: On the screen will display a list of plugins used on WordPress. Here you can install the plugin directly from the list or download the plugin by clicking Upload Plugin.

Install plugin in wordpress 4

When you click Upload Plugin, the screen will display the following page:

Install plugin in wordpress 5

Click here Browse to return to the page where you can choose the plugin for your WordPress site. Click here Choose File to add a file from the system. Or you can install the plugin directly by selecting the plugin and then clicking Install now as shown below to install the plugin in WordPress.

Install plugin in wordpress 6

When you click select Install Now, the package will download and begin the installation. Then click Activate plugin To activate the plugin and use in WordPress as shown below.

Install plugin in wordpress 7

After clicking Activate Plugin, you will get a message saying that the plugin has been activated, and you can find the installed plugins in the list.

Install plugin in wordpress 8

Under the item Plugin activated, You will see some options like All, Active, Inactive and Update available.

If clicked Active, a new page will appear on the screen. Here you can see the plugins that have been activated.

Install plugin in wordpress 9

If clicked Inactive, plugins that are available but not yet activated will display on the screen. To activate this plugin, click Activate.

Install plugin in wordpress 10

If clicked Update available, on the screen will display a list of plugins that need to be updated. Click here Update to update this plugin.

Install plugin in wordpress 11

If clicked Bulk Actions and choose any option. Click the options in the menu and then click the button Apply to update, delete, enable or temporarily disable plugins.

Install plugin in wordpress 12

In the section Search Installed Plugins You can search for installed plugins by typing the plugin name into the search box and clicking the button Search Installed Plugins.

Install plugin in wordpress 13

When clicking the button Search installed Plugins, on the screen will display the corresponding plugin page you are looking for.

Install plugin in wordpress 14

Step 5: Click here Plugins =>Editor from the sidebar.

Install the plugin in wordpress 15

Step 6: On the screen will display a new page as shown below:

Install plugin in wordpress 16

This page allows you to edit plugins. Some options that you can choose like:

Select plugin to edit: Allow users to select a plugin from the menu and edit.

Documentation: Allows users to select tools from the menu to edit the plugin.

Plugin files: Allows users to select files from the list and edit.

After editing the plugin file, click Update file to refresh the plugin.

The article on has shown you how to install the Plugin in WordPress. Readers can refer to some previous articles on to learn how Reading settings in WordPress To set the content, how to read the page.
Setting up Permalink helps you create a static URL for your website, the steps to install Permalink in WordPress are based on how your website is seo, so choose the most accurate setting.


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