Install Vietnamese fonts on computers, laptops

Install Vietnamese fonts on computers, laptops

If the default font set on your computer or laptop is not enough, the following Vietnamese font will complement your computer with Vietnamese fonts, used on Unikey or Vietkey at will. Follow the article below to know how to install Vietnamese fonts for computers

Windows is usually installed by default with certain types of international standard fonts, but not all fonts fully support individual countries. So if you want to use the best, you should install your own Font, avoid text errors during use. Currently in Vietnam is using two best Vietnamese typing support tools, Unikey and Vietkey, of which Unikey is used more because it supports international standards as well as the current popularity.

Previously VNTime font installers were used a lot, but today it is somewhat more limited with standard Unicode font installers. In some cases, you may encounter text errors that may be mostly old documents and probably your computer. install VnTime font. Therefore, in this article, will guide you to install Vietnamese fonts on your computer, laptop most fully.

Instructions to install Vietnamese goods fon on computers and laptops.

Step 1: Download the latest Vietnamese font: Download Vietnamese Chemistry Font

In addition to the Font in this article, you can also download other Vietnamese FONTs such as:

Unicode Font Set: Download Unicode font
VNI Font Set: Download Font VNI
Font Set VN Time: Download Font VN Time
TCVN3 Font Set: Download TCVN3 font

Step 2: After the download is complete, you need to extract, use WinRAR to extract the file.

Set Vietnamese font on laptop computer

Step 3: Click on the extracted folder, press Ctrl + A to highlight all the fonts you want to install. Right-click to show the menu, select install.

Set Vietnamese font on laptop computer

Step 4: In addition to the above, you can access C: Windows Fonts and copy the Font into it with the command Ctrl + V.

Set Vietnamese font on laptop computer
Now you can go to Word, Excel or Photoshop to retry the newly installed Vietnamese language support. In addition to the font sets in the article, if you are a professional designer or use beautiful fonts in Photoshop, do not ignore this article. suggest you refer to more sets Beautiful font in photoshop Being selected can help you be more creative at work.


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