Install Vietnamese language on Recuva software

Using native language to manipulate software is a top priority for users. You can change the default English language on Recuva to Vietnamese to operate effectively on this software.

Language barriers are always a constant problem that makes it difficult for Vietnamese users to access software and applications. However, on popular software such as Recuva, our Vietnamese language is also supported. With the default interface of Recuva is English, you can change the language into Vietnamese to work best, understand the features of this software. The following simple steps will help you set up Vietnamese language on Recuva.

Install Vietnamese language on Recuva software:

Step 1: On the Recuva interface, select Options.

Step 2: At the Genaral tab, select the Language section.

Vietnamese language for recuva

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and select Vietnamese.

Vietnamese language for recuva

Step 4: Immediately the language on Recuva was converted to Vietnamese. You just need to press OK to finish the conversion process.

Vietnamese language for recuva

Recuva interface will convert completely into Vietnamese.

Vietnamese language for recuva

The last tip that guide helped you convert Recuva software into Vietnamese.

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You can immediately install Recuva to support the recovery of lost data on the computer. The files that Recuva most easily recover are image files, small files. If you are looking for deleted files on your computer, install Recuva now.
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