Install Win XP from CD drive, setup Windows XP via CD, DVD drive

Install Windows XP from the CD drive instead of the USB drive in case you don’t have the USB or the USB port is damaged. The process of installing Windows XP from the drive will take about 30p to 1 hour depending on the configuration of your computer. Along track how to install Win XP in detail that instructions below.

The following article will guide you how to install Windows XP operating system from the CD drive on the computer. By installing this operating system, your computer must have a working CD / DVD drive.

Detailed instructions on how to install Windows XP from a CD drive

Note that before installing Windows XP from the CD drive, the reader should keep in mind that: If you want to enter the computer with the boot mode preferred for DVD / CD and USB, you need to access the BIOS to adjust the priority order for DVD / CD or USB first, read or apply bios correction to boot from USB or DVD / CD install win that has shared offline.

For each laptop, there is a different way to access the BIOS on the laptop. Therefore, to be able to apply correctly and correctly, readers need to refer to in detail how into bios on Laptop lines introduced earlier.

1. Prepare to install Windows XP from the CD drive

– A computer (PC or Laptop) with a CD / DVD drive

– Windows XP installation CD (Download the ISO file Windows XP)

– Depending on the Main line, press DEL or F1 to access the desktop BIOS (F2 or F12 to access the Laptop BIOS)

– Switch to Tab Boot, Pull down Boot Device Priotity, choose 1st Boot device and press Enter, choose CDROM, press Enter Again

Attention: For newer laptops, you need one more operation that is switch to Tab “Main” Then select the mode SATA mode was IDE mode to install Windows XP.

– After performing the above steps, press F10 / Yes, The computer will automatically restart.

2. Install Window XP from the CD drive

Step 1: The screen appears “Setup is inspection your computer’s hardware configuration”. Press any key to start installation, I usually press Enter

Step 2: Looking at the instruction screen, press the turn F2, F6, “Enter” to choose a new installation for Windows XP with a CD.

Step 3: Press F8.

Step 4: Select the partition to install Windows XP. Be very careful, if you select the wrong can lose data of the selected partition. Press Enter

Step 5: Choose “Format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick)” . Press “Enter”. This option helps us to format the installation partition as NTFS and faster format, reducing installation time.

Step 6: It takes about 1-2 minutes to format the installation partition, then the data from the CD will be copied to the hard drive. Complete this process, press Enter to reboot without having to wait 14s

Step 7: The screen will reappear “Setup is inspection your computer’s hardware configuration” you let the machine run automatically, do not press any key.

Step 8: The process of installing the componetns begins. If it is an Auto disk, you can go play, about 20-30 minutes after returning to your Windows XP has been installed, and if it is a normal disk, you have to wait and perform the next steps.

Step 9: Press next

Step 10: This step you just need to enter your name. Then press “Next”

Step 11: Enter the Product Key into the blanks and click “Next”

Step 12: You can replace Computer name and set Password or leave it as default. Press next

Step 13: Choose Time Zone as GMC +7: Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta. Press next

Step 14: Leave the default and press next

Step 15: If your machine is in the Client – Server model, then enter the Workgroup name (Maybe KETOAN, NHANSU …). Press next

Step 16: Wait until the installation is completed, press OK 2 times, the welcome screen appears. Press next

Step 17: Choose Not right now to turn off Automatic updates. Press next

Step 18: Choose No, this computer will connect directly to the internet. Press next or can press Skip to skip this step.

Step 19: Choose No, not at this time. Press next

Step 20: Enter any name in the Your name line (other than Computer name is okay). Press finish to complete the installation process
Thus, we have just introduced you to how to install Windows XP with a very detailed and specific CD. Hope you will successfully install this operating system on your computer. In addition, in the process of using the computer if you have problems, you can use the Windows repair software available in


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