Install Writing in WordPress

Install Writing in WordPress

Installing Writing in WordPress to customize WordPress website as you like, in the article below will guide you how to install Writing in WordPress in the most detailed way.

Writing settings in WordPress include installing additional features and editing posts, pages, post categories, as well as options such as remote article publishing, via email and service updates, and references. way details Install Writing in WordPress in the following article of

Install Writing in WordPress, manage posts, refresh web content

Install Writing in WordPress

Follow the steps below to access and install Writing (reading setting) in WordPress:

Step 1: To change Wirting settings in WordPress, go to Settings =>Writing.

Set up writing in wordpress 2

Step 2: At this time, the screen will display the number of Writing Settings page as below:

Complete the following fields:

Set writing in wordpress 3

Formatting: This box defines 2 additional options for a better user experience.

+ First option Convert emoticons like 🙂 and 😛 to graphics on display: turn text-based emoticons into graphical emoticons.

+ Second option WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically: automatically correct invalid XHTML placed in posts or pages.

Default Post Category: Categories apply to posts, you can leave them as Uncategorized (not yet classified).
Default Post Format: Topics used to choose the format that will apply to posts or create different styles for different types of posts.
Post via e-mail: This option uses email addresses to create and publish your blog posts via email. To use this option you must set up a secret email account with POP3 access, and any mail received at this address will be posted.
Mail Server: Allows reading emails that you send to WordPress and archiving these emails. With this option your mail server must be compatible with POP3, and the URL will be of the form
Login Name: Create posts, WordPress will use its own email account. The Login Name uses this email address and the stored address is a secret address.
Password: Set a password for the email address above.
Default Mail Category: Enables the selection of custom categories for all articles published through the Post by email feature.
Update Services: When publishing a new post, WordPress will automatically notify the site update service.
Step 3: After completing the information, click the button Save Changes to save information.

So the article on has just taught you how to install Writing in WordPress. Reading settings in WordPress are also very important, if you do not fully understand the necessary settings in Reading, please refer to Installing Reading in WordPress here.
To optimize editor time on WordPress, readers can refer to the article WordPress shortcut editor Please. Good luck !


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