Instruction for Hi FPT user, change Wifi password, send support request

True to its name, Hi FPT is a software researched and developed by the FPT team to help customers use the internet, search network information, rename wifi, change wifi password and many other functions. Another feature.

Not long ago, FPT Telecom released the Hi FPT application on mobile phones to help users use the FPT network more conveniently. With Hi FPT, you can view information or solve all problems right on your phone.

Hi FPT – Support application of FPT Telecom on phone

How to use the functions on Hi FPT

In order to use Hi FPT’s functions, you need to have software on your phone, if not, please follow the link below. Start the application on the phone and proceed to log in as usual, the account is the phone number that you have registered on the contract with the previous network.

– Link to download Android version: Hi FPT for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Hi FPT for iPhone

1. How to change password and restart wifi

Right at the main interface of Hi FPT application, you choose to manage your Modem equipment. In this section it gives you parameters, status, connected devices, the capacity you have used … and a lot of other information.
– Click here Restart Modem If you want to reset all.
– Click here Turn off Wifi lock wifi mode on Modem if your Modem has this mode.
– Click here Change Password If you want to change the new WiFi password.

How to use the FTP client to connect to WiFi using your router 2

2. How to send request for assistance, look up charges and procedures.

This feature is the most popular customer support and FPT Telecom has received quite a lot of requests through this feature. You choose the function Support right at the main interface of the application =>Send require and the network will support the following reasons:
– Cannot use Wifi
– Internet access is not available.
– The network flickers.
– The signal line is lost.
– Equipment warranty.
– Cannot use FPT television services.
– Other (manually enter the content).

guide to using the ftp wifi password to support your phone 3

In case, if you want to support the cost, then in the main interface, select the function Support support =>Postage As shown below, FPT Telecom will support you with the following:
– Fee information.
– Change billing address.
– Other requirements (manually enter the content).

How to use the FTP client to connect to WiFi on demand 4

As for procedural support, it is the same, on the main interface of Hi FPT choose the function Support =>Procedure and you are assisted with the following:
– Relocation.
– Change the Email to receive information.
– Upgrade the service pack.
– Other requirements (manually enter the content).

guide to using the ftp wifi password to support your phone 5
Thus, Taimienphi has just taught you how to use Hi FPT to change Wifi passwords and send other support requests to the network operator FPT Telecom, a function that few carriers have until now. Any other questions related to the article please commnent in the comment section below, we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.


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