Instruction to buy movie tickets 1K CGV Viettelpay

Instruction to buy movie tickets 1K CGV Viettelpay

If you are a movie theater fan, you probably do not know how to buy CGV movie tickets on ViettelPay’s online payment application, now CGV and ViettelPay allow users to buy movie tickets worth VND 1,000. every Friday.

Every Friday, customers use Viettelpay have the opportunity to buy tickets Watch 2D movies with prices only VND 1,000, the program applies to all customers purchasing tickets through the Viettelpay application, CGV application or on the official website of CGV.

Buy CGV movie tickets for only VND 1,000 on the Viettelpay app

Instruction to buy movie tickets 1K CGV Viettelpay

To buy 1K CGV Viettelpay movie tickets, you need to have the application on Android or iOS mobile devices, the form of buying tickets in both OSs is the same, so Taimienphi will guide on devices running Android.

Step 1: Download and install Viettelpay.

– Link to download Android version: Viettelpay for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Viettelpay for iPhone

Step 2: Start the Viettelpay application and then log in to your account, if not, then you should register.

– Refer to the way Sign up for ViettelPay, using Viettel electronic bank

Step 3: Proceed to link bank account with Viettelpay application.

How to link a bank with ViettelPay.

guide to buy movies about 1k cgv viettelpay 2

Step 4: After linking successfully, now you return to the application main interface and click on the event item buy movie ticket 1K CGV Viettelpay => Select Buy ticket Movies to watch.

guide to buy movie tickets 1k cgv viettelpay 3

Step 5: The automated system will ask you to buy a movie ticket for 1K CGV Viettelpay at city come on cinema Come on and projection capacity is how much. This section Taimienphi probably do not need to guide you where.

guide to buy movie tickets 1k cgv viettelpay 4

Step 6: Finally you choose seat and review the information before making a movie ticket purchase 1K CGV Viettelpay => Click Pay when sure.

buying and selling movies 1k cgv viettelpay 5k

Step 7: Earn 1K CGV Viettelpay movie tickets and terms of service, immediately the price drops to 1K => Confirm payment, immediately notify the system you have successfully purchased, a CGV code will be sent directly to you.

– Note:
+ Each customer can buy maximum 1 movie ticket 1K CGV Viettelpay during the program.
+ Promotion applies to customers who have associated the card (account) on the Viettelpay application, 1 card 1 phone number.
+ The number of promotional tickets on sale every Friday from 12 to 24 hours is limited.
+ The program to buy movie tickets 1K CGV Viettelpay may end sooner than expected when the promotion ticket runs out.

guide to buy movies 1k cgv viettelpay 6k
Above is the whole guide on how to buy 1K CGV movie tickets on Viettelpay e-wallet, do not forget to share with your friends and relatives. Have a nice day.


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