Instructions for backing up Outlook 2010, 2007, 2013, 2016 data

You often use Outlook to send / receive Email messages, schedule, create tasks, … Outlook is an almost indispensable office utility for us. So how do we back up Outlook data when you want to reinstall your computer or is it convenient to move Outlook data to another computer? will guide you to read backup of Outlook data under .pst file to ensure the safety of your Outlook data. Data backed up by Outlook will be encapsulated in a very small file, which is very convenient for storing on cloud storage services like OneDrive or sending via mail, on USB, etc.


Step 1: Go to the Microsoft Office Outlook version that is installed on your computer

Step 2: At the Outlook interface, select File -> Data File Management …

Step 3: In box Account Settings, switch to tab Data Files choose Open Folder … to open the folder containing the * .pst files of Outlook

guide how to save outlook data

Step 4: You may see Outlook files with * .pst extension, to backup or move them to another folder to store Outlook data backup files, keep Ctrl at the same time Left mouse Select the * .pst files to save then right click Copy.

guide how to save outlook data

Step 5: Go to any folder you want to store Outlook files in, then right-click to select Paste or press the key combination Ctrl + V. All your selected Outlook files will be moved here

guide how to save outlook data

Download the Outlook version for the computer

Outlook 2016
Outlook 2013
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010
After you back up the data Outlook After that, you can safely reinstall the operating system or upload Outlook files to storage services without worrying about losing important data on. Outlook again. Backing up your data is important to ensure that your data can be restored in the event of an error that causes your data to be lost, to back up your data as quickly as possible, you can Create shortcut to backup data off the Desktop thereby making it easier to regularly backup data.


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