Instructions for beauty skin in Photoshop

Instructions for beauty skin in Photoshop

There are many ways to beautify your skin with Photoshop, make the photo more beautiful or even change the white to black, even though your level is not high, but certainly with this tutorial, you can still get a beautiful picture when Make beautiful skin with Photoshop.

Tam is a beautiful girl but unfortunately because of appetite, I like to eat hot spicy food so many acne face. In this article Readers please beautify skin with in Photoshop Let Tam let her have a beautiful skin to prepare for Tet. Photoshop is known as the king of graphic editing software and the instructions below will prove it.

Instructions for beauty skin in Photoshop

– To ensure all operations are 99% accurate if you are not a proficient user of Photoshop, recommends downloading. Photoshop The latest version can also be downloaded here Photoshop CS6 here.

Step 1: The first step is to open the original photo, which you want to beautify your skin with Photoshop.

photoshop da da photoshop 2

Step 2: Here we will use the tool Healing Brush Tool And just click on this tool as shown below or use shortcut J.

photoshop skin photoshop 3

Step 3: Right-click on the image and set the size, small … Hardness to 0% and Spacing should be set to 25 – 35%.

photoshop da 4 photoshop

Step 4: First let’s hold Alt and click In the most beautiful and brightest skin on the image, you can take the skin of the model girls and leave the Healing Brush Tool to self-diagnose.

photoshop skin photoshop 5

Step 5: Then enlarge the image, dot on each dark spots, black spots, acne on the girl’s face. Note the dot, not the scissors or the goat at all.

photoshop skin photoshop 6

Step 6: Results after use Healing Brush Tool To beautify skin using Photoshop is as below. However, our work is not over yet.

photoshop da 7 photoshop

Step 7: The next step we will need to cover some areas so that the skin beauty is not affected, here you choose the tool Polygonal Lasso Tool or Magnetic Lasso Tool to perform.

photos and videos using photoshop 8

Step 8: Delineate the eyes and mouth areas, remember to hold Shift when you want to localize other areas.

>> After zoning out please press Ctrl + Shift + I to reverse.

photoshop da nang photoshop 9

Step 9: Now you enter Filter >Noise >Median …

Photoshop Tutorial Photoshop 10

Step 10: Here adjust the value to 2 or depending on your choice, as long as you see the skin looks better than before.

photos and videos photoshop 11

Step 11: Press Ctrl + D to uncheck and press the next key combination Ctrl + M then push the color up a little bit for the whole glow.

photoshop da nang photoshop 12

The final result will be as below, readers can compare photos before and after skin beauty in Photoshop. So Tam has a much nicer skin than before.

photos and videos photoshop 13

With the Healing Brush Tool, as well as the Median filter we can now beautify our skin with Photoshop. The readers of know one more way Skin smoothing in Photoshop Extremely simple, isn’t it.

In Photoshop it is very important that you have to be patient and meticulous with your work, to shorten the time to manipulate recommend you to learn Photoshop shortcuts, the Photoshop shortcut is an indispensable part, it’s like a daily tool you need to know.
In fact, there are many graphics software available today, but using Photoshop is the best choice. Maybe work use Photoshop It will be difficult at first, but once you master it, everything will be solved quickly.


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