Instructions for changing Avatar Youtube, changing YouTube avatar

Replacing avatar, Youtube avatar is one of the first basic steps you need to know when joining this video sharing society or also the first step for you to become a Youtube Pro, professional.

Youtube is the most popular video channel in the world today with a large number of searchers and visitors. You often watch Video Clip on Youtube but have just created an account to use more useful features and you don’t knowor Youtube avatar Where and how to do it?

replace YouTube avatar

Instructions for changing avatar, changing avatar image of Youtube

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account on Youtube channel, Click on the icon as shown below

how to change avatar youtube

Step 2: Next click on the avatar icon to Change avatar image to YouTube

doi avatar youtube

Step 3: A notification window will appear telling you that changing the YouTube avatar will replace Avatar Google + and take a few minutes to show the change.

change avatar avatar youtube

– On the Google + interface is darkened, click on the avatar to change.

replace me dai dien youtube

Step 4: Here you choose to upload photos to be able to upload the image you want to make Youtube avatars.

You are avatar avatar youtube

Select the photo you want to replace.

You are crazy on YouTube

Step 5: Then edit it to fit your avatar best.

replace avatar youtube

And the final result is that you have finished changing the YouTube avatar including Google +, which will take a few minutes to complete,

Life avatar for youtube

Above, we have shown you how to replace your YouTube avatar with just simple steps to help you personalize on your Youtube channel. Also, you can refer to some Good tips when watching Videos on Youtube to manipulate on Youtube channel more effectively.
In addition to avatars for your video channel, you can also find and get avatars on YouTube for reference how to get Youtube thumbnails for more information


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