Instructions for changing the encoding and font in GoTiengViet

Instructions for changing the encoding and font in GoTiengViet

How to change the code table, font in GoTiengViet like? is a question many people are interested in. GoTiengViet is software that supports users to draft documents with correct Vietnamese language, including computers without Unikey and Vietkey installed.

GoTiengViet is completely Vietnamese software for Vietnamese people to create. GoTiengViet allows users to manipulate and type Vietnamese text quickly and conveniently not inferior to similar software such as Unikey or Vietkey. If compact, easy to use is a common feature on Unikey, GoTiengViet is also such a software.

In the process of using documents to document work or study, we often encounter font errors that make us unable to read the content. To fix this we can use font transcoding. With transcoding font, way convert fonts to unicode Standard documents with font errors will be completely restored so we can study and use them. And this feature is also available at GoTiengViet. Here Taimienphi will guide you to Change the encoding, font in GoTiengViet.

Guide to Change the encoding, font in GoTiengViet

First of all, on your computer, your laptop must already have GoTiengViet

You can download GoTiengViet here: GoTiengViet

Step 1: You need to identify the font that is used in the text to perform changes, converting the encoding

You should note when using the encoding, font:

-SVN3 charset applies to .Vn fonts (e.g. .VnTime)

-VNI charset window is applied to VNI font format (ex: VNI-Thufap)

– Unicode encoding (UTF-8), Telex typing method is applied to fonts like Times New Roman, fonts that are usually available when installing the operating system.

Step 2: Highlight the text you want to transcode, or Ctrl + A to select the entire text, then right-click and select Copy or press Ctrl + C

doi bang ghost font chu in gotiengviet

Step 3: Start GoTiengViet, right click on the program icon, choose Transcode.

doi bang ghost font chu in gotiengviet

Step 4: In this window, we make changes (4) and (5) and press convert to start transcoding, font

doi bang ghost font chu in gotiengviet


(4): the font code format we choose to change
(5): font code format we changed received

Note: You should use the note to change the charset listed above to choose the appropriate charset

Step 5: GoTiengViet announces the process of converting the encoding and font successfully, we reopen the text and press Ctrl + V to receive the results after the code transcoding, the font succeeds

doi bang ghost font chu in gotiengviet

Thus, we have succeeded in changing the encoding and font of GoTiengViet quickly and accurately. Also readers can refer to more ways convert VnTime to Time New Roman In the document if necessary


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