Instructions for changing the new Skype password

Instructions for changing the new Skype password

Changing the password of Skype helps to protect your account and avoid unnecessary loss. So to change the Skype password we need to do?

The first thing you need to do when your Skype password is discovered is that you need to change your personal password immediately. Whatever you use Skype For the purpose of communicating with friends or work, the content may contain personal or sensitive information that cannot be disclosed to third parties.

Instructions to change the latest Skype password

In this article, will show you how Change new Skype passwordBest in a simple and quick way.

1. When to change the Skype password

Change your password periodically: On the advice of experts, users should change the password for their account every 60 – 90 days.
Suspecting that someone has hacked your account: When you suddenly suspect that someone else is using your account.
Use Skype on other devices: After Log in your Skpe account access to a computer / phone on a public device or another person.
Password revealed: If for some reason your Skype password has been exposed, someone knows, please change it immediately to secure your account;

Simple, if you like, change it: For no reason, you feel the need to change your password.


Step 1: Visit the personal skype profile management page (Skype’s Account Management)

Method 1: You can access the management page Personal Skype profile (Skype’s Account Management) on any browser here

Method 2: From the software, the Skype app, click the window Setting and choose Account & Profile. In this section, click next Your account(Your account) to be taken to the page Personal Skype profile on the website browser.

guide to change skype new password 2

In case you have already logged into your Microsoft account, the browser will take you to the profile management window immediately. If not, please follow the steps below.

Step 2: Log in your account

Note, each Skype account will be associated with a Microsoft account. A lot of people sign up for Skype for different purposes. So, when you want to change the Skype password, please sign in with the same Microsoft account.

guide to change skype new password 3

guide to change skype new password 4

Step 3: Click on “Change Password”

In the screen Personal Skype profile Your profile will be very informative, but temporarily ignore them. At this point, look to the left column, scroll down and click on the item Change Password.

guide to change skype new password 5

Step 4: Make changes to the Skype password

The browser will take you to the password change screen. There are 3 main sections that you need to fill out.

guide to change skype new password 6

Current password (Enter current password): Please enter the current password you are still using.

New password (Enter new password): Enter the new password here. Note: The new password needs to be at least 8 characters long, including lowercase and uppercase letters. Example: TaiMienPhi @ 123

Retype the password (Re-enter new password): Same as the new password you just placed above. This step is to make sure you are not mistaken.

After entering all the information in all 3 boxes, click Save to finish.

Step 5: Complete and experience

Now the new password has been updated by Skype for the account. You can already log in to your Skype from the Skype app on your phone, the Skype software on your computer or Skype on the web browser with the password you just changed.

guide to change skype new password 7

Skype software is a familiar tool for many people to chat and exchange business with each other. Changing the Skype password after letting others know is extremely necessary. In the article content we have shared details step by step to Change new Skype passwordBest 2019.
You find it difficult to change Skype password? In the process of changing the new Skype password, if you still have any problems, please leave in the comment section below. will answer for you as soon as possible! In addition, you guys refer to the way Change Skype password on phone here.


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