Instructions for creating barcodes with software

Instructions for creating barcodes with software

To create barcodes with software is not difficult and your difficulty is unknown so which barcode creation software is considered the best and easiest to use today! For that reason, in today’s article will guide you how to create barcodes with BarTender Barcode software – the software is considered to be the most common and easiest to use.

Create barcodes with software BarTender Barcode is considered as one of the professional barcode creation applications for companies and businesses, even for business households who need to create and print barcodes. The interface of this software is quite friendly and very easy to use, so it does not require users to be too qualified to use them.

Use BarTender Barcode to create, print barcodes professionally

How to create bar codes with BarTender Barcode software

To Create barcode above BarTender Barcode, follow these steps:

Step 1: You perform the download and installation of the software BarTender Barcode here

Step 2: Create a new document page

You open the newly installed software -> go to the menu File -> select new or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N to create a new document page.

Guide to creating and writing mem 2

At the interface that appears -> you press next and select the barcode printer you are using. Note: You need to install the barcode printer driver before the printer name will appear on the software’s window interface.

In the image below, we choose the printer name Foxit Reader PDF Printer -> you can choose another printer according to the actual printer you are using.

guide to create a mem code 3

Next, you look at the image above -> Select Document Properties. At the new interface appears -> you customize as you like -> click OK, got it -> then you click next.

Guide to creating and writing mem 4

Note: It will be up to you to choose the printer which will have different customized interfaces.

Display Stock Selection appears -> you choose Specify Custom Setting then -> press next.

guide to create a mem code 5

You choose Page Size and choose Orientation is vertical or horizontal -> then press next next.

guide to create a mem vat mem 6

You choose the shape for the stamp.

guide to creating a mem 7 software

Then, you make the size and spacing between the stamps appropriately.

Guide to creating a mem 8 software

Next is the number of lines and columns for the stamp. As shown below, 3 rows and 2 columns are selected.

Guide to creating and selling mem 9

You continue to choose Label Size, Gap / Pitch so that the most reasonable.

guide to creating a mem 10 page

Choose next Label Order to select the print starting position

guide to create a mem code 11

Choose Background if you want.

guide to creating a mem code 12

Finally press finish.

Guide to creating and writing mem 13

Step 2: Create a barcode

When you see the new page opened -> click on the bar code icon on the toolbar as described below.

guide to creating a mem 14

You click to make the barcode appear -> then resize the bar code just enough, and preferably in the middle of the page would be the best.

guide to creating a mem code 15

To adjust the barcode such as reselecting font, size … -> double click on the barcode. At the interface after you double click, section Data Sources is what you want the scanners to read the barcode you are about to create.

The picture below is demo 12345678 -> you can select other numbers and enter here -> then press OK, got it -> Barcode will automatically change accordingly.

guide to creating a mem 16

Add text above if you like.

guide to creating a mem code 17

Step 3: Perform Barcode printing

As above, you have created the barcode, now you need to print. You go to the menu File -> select Print or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P to print the barcode.

Display Print appears -> select the correct printer name and the number of stamps to print -> then press Print to print.

guide to creating a mem 18

So you’re finally done Create barcodes by software BarTender Barcode already! After creating the barcode, the printing is certainly not too difficult for you, is it?
Apart from this software, there are many other software that can help you create and print barcodes quickly. Some of the names are: Barcode Generator, ECOUNT ERP software, DD Label software, or Matrix Label … For more details, see the summary. Barcode creation software Best that has introduced to better offline!


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