Instructions for creating borders around people in Photoshop has instructed you to read a lot of good tips on Photoshop and in this article we will show you how to create a border around Photoshop, helping you get a strange, unique picture in Photoshop.

Tricks to create borders around people Photoshop PhotoShop is one of the most popular photo creation styles used to create banners or regular portraits, depending on the level and skill to get a beautiful photo with a border around Photoshop. It can be said that the technique of creating borders around people with Photoshop and compositing photos of Photoshop is used quite a lot, so you know how to use creating borders around Photoshop is also a great advantage.

Despite the beautiful quality, stylish effects that can be used for many purposes, but the way to implement it is very simple, so you only need to pay attention to a few steps in the following guide and you can create a border around the bodyPhotoshop OK. And do not let readers take more time here permission to go into the detailed article.

Create a border around yourself in Photoshop, making the border around the object

Step 1: First you need a sample background, if you are not a Photoshop expert, do not choose the pictures that are difficult to separate.

Create photoshop photoshop 2

Step 2: Next you look to the left toolbar select the tool Magic Wand Tool (shortcut W) to separate the font from the image.

Create photoshop photoshop 3

Step 3: Hold Shift and left click let the Magic Wand Tool circle the entire area for you. Then press the next key combination Ctrl + Shift + I to reverse the area and press Ctrl + J to duplicate the newly selected layer

how to create photoshop photoshop 4

Step 4: You proceed off View (eye) in Layer 1 and Background defaults.

how to create photoshop photoshop 5

– You can see our image has been successfully extracted from white background 100%. The next job is to create a border around Photoshop.

Step 5: First try to throw the image on a black background, in the black background it is easier to spot errors.

photoshop park photoshop 6

Step 6: Right-click on Layer 2 and select Blending Options .

how to create photoshop photoshop 7

Step 7: In section Stroke You set the following parameters:

photoshop photoshop 8

– Size adjustment size you choose 6.

– Position position select Outside.

– The Color section is selected in white

Note: Choosing Size depends on your photo, you can change it freely.

– And the result we get:

photoshop photoshop 9

Step 8: You can Create another Stroke layer to add a border to the image and increase it Size to 10 , this will be considered as an outer border so it must be bigger than the old Stroke.

how to create photoshop photoshop 10

– The final result after creating a border around Photoshop.

photoshop park photoshop 11

Of course, if we decorate or add photos, we will be able to get a more complete picture than the picture at the beginning of the article. Anyway, has also completed the tutorial to guide readers to create a border around Photoshop, helping readers to know one more tip about how to create a border around Photoshop.

In addition to more proficient use of Photoshop than readers should learn more about the shortcuts available in Photoshop, with Photoshop shortcuts whether used or not less or less help in the process of learning Photoshop.
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