Instructions for creating Playlist playlists on YouTube

To create Playlist playlist on Youtube is not difficult, especially the operations to perform can be said to be very easy for users. However, although simple, not everyone knows how to create it. Let learn how to create in the article below.

For those who often use and watch videos on Youtube and want to keep their favorite videos so that the next time will not have to search, you should do is create yourself a Playlist (playlist) on Youtube page. When you were Create Playlist playlists on YouTube If you succeed, you will easily manage and find the videos you want when needed.

Create YouTube video playlist to help you easily manage videos and search when needed

How to create a Playlist playlist on YouTube

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To create YouTube video playlist and add videos to playlist or when you don’t need them, you can delete YouTube video playlist very easily. Come on, let us find out the details!

1. How to create YouTube video playlist

Step 1: First you need to visit the page Youtube Then do the job LOG IN, you can use your Google or Gmail account to sign in.

How to create playlist on YouTube 2

After successful login, open a video you like -> then click on the icon Added (3 dash symbols with a plus sign) below the video as the image below shows:

create playlist on youtube 3

Step 2: If this is your first time creating and creating a new account, YouTube will ask you to create a channel. To create, click on Create new playlist.

create playlist playlist on youtube 4

Step 3: You will see a new interface appears so you can enter a name for the new playlist with up to 150 characters, and allow you to select the mode for the playlist. You will have 3 playlist selection modes:

Public: All users on YouTube will be able to find your video playlist.

Not public: With this option, only those with a playlist video link can watch your video.

Private: Only allows creators to view videos in the playlist.

And finally you make the button press Create below.

create playlist on youtube 5

After pressing Create, you will see on the bottom left of the interface will display a message that has created a successful playlist, and add videos to the playlist.

create playlist playlist on youtube 6

Step 4: At this step, you will manipulate any video into the newly created playlist. At that time, the playlist name will be displayed in the select list to save. If you want to create another video playlist, just click Create new playlist -> then follow the instructions above.

How to create playlist on YouTube 7

Step 5: When you return to the YouTube home page -> you will see the newly created playlist name in the list on the left of the interface of the section Library.

How to create playlist on YouTube 8

In the newly created playlist interface, you will see all the videos in the playlist. You can use the URL above to share playlist videos if you want.

To view the entire video -> click Play it all.

How to create playlist on YouTube 9

If you want to edit more, you can click on Edit to set, edit YouTube video playlist.

How to create playlists on YouTube 10?

When pressed Edit -> will display a new interface, and you can click Add description to add more information about playlists for videos. Section left Share will help show the link of the playlist URL.

create playlist playlist on youtube 11

Part Playlist settings -> here, gives you the option to adjust the display mode of the video playlist, or you set the mode to automatically add videos to the playlist.

create playlist playlist on youtube 12

Besides, every video when you move the mouse on the video will show more buttons More with options like the image below. To delete a video from the playlist -> you just need to press the “x” icon to delete it.

create playlist playlist on youtube 13

2. How to add videos to YouTube playlist

In step 4 above, you’ve been taught how to add a new video. As for the existing playlist that you have already created, in addition to playing for live viewing, you can add other videos to the playlist very easily -> by clicking the option. Add videos

create playlist playlist on youtube 14

And you will see there are 3 ways to add videos to the playlist:

– Search for videos: You only need to enter the keyword and then search for videos -> select the desired video, then you just need to press the button Add videos is done.

– URL: This section, you will need to enter the correct video link on YouTube -> when displaying the video, you add it simply by pressing the button Add videos as above is okay.

– Your YouTube video: With this way, you will choose to get the videos that you have uploaded to YouTube -> the operations to add videos are similar to the two ways above.

How to create playlist on YouTube 15

3. How to delete YouTube video playlist

The removal of the video playlist is basically the steps above we have guided through. The delete is very simple, you just need to click the playlist name in the item Library The left side of the interface -> then click on the section Edit.

Next, on the right -> click on the icon 3 vertical dots -> and then select Delete playlist.

create playlist playlist on youtube 16

A message will appear Confirm appears -> If you want to delete then just click select Yes, delete it; If you do not want to delete it, just press Cancel is to be.

create playlist playlist on youtube 17

Above is the whole tutorial Create Playlist playlists on YouTube as well as how you can add video or delete YouTube video playlists very simply and easily. With these instructions, we are confident that you will create for yourself not just one playlist but multiple playlists with all kinds of different video topics, besides, you can easily download the entire video in one Certain playlist by reference the article Download Youtube video playlist here.

Also, if you’re looking to create your own playlists, Create playlists automatically in Windows Media Player In order to manage, organize and select the most favorite songs, you should not ignore the instructions shared by Good luck!
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