Instructions for creating USB install Windows 10, 8.1, 7 using UltraISO

Instructions for creating USB install Windows 10, 8.1, 7 using UltraISO

How to create Windows 10, 8.1, 7 USB with UltralSO is being selected by many people to support Windows installation for computers. If you do not know how to create Windows installation USB with UltralSO, you should refer to the following article.

Using USB to install Windows is a way that most Vietnamese users today love and use because USB is an easy-to-find tool and almost everyone has it. Just download the ISO file in conjunction with the 3rd software, and a 4GB USB drive, you can create any USB install Windows version from XP to Windows 10. With the Windows 10 Creators Update too, right after Launched, the Windows 10 Creators Update has brought many surprises to users, besides some new functions, the Windows 10 Creators Update also somewhat fixes the system to make the computer run more stable. , If you have not installed the Windows 10 Creators Update for your computer, quickly refer to how to install Windows 10 Creators Update with USB that Taimienphi has instructed.

How to create USB to install Windows 10, 8.1, 7 using UltraISO

In the previous article, sent you the way create USB to install win by PowerISO. Then in this article we continue to guide you how to install Windows from USB with UltraISO software, please refer.

Instructions for creating USB install Windows 10, 8.1, 7 using UltraISO


– UltraISO utility software. Download and install the latest version of UltraISO
– USB with 4Gb or more capacity (Depending on the operating system you install). If you install Windows XP (USB 1Gb or higher), also for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (USB 4Gb and above).
– ISO file containing the operating system: You can download it here:
Download: Windows XP
Download: Windows 7
Download: Windows 8
Download: Windows 10

Steps to follow:
Step 1: Insert the USB stick into the computer, start the UltraISO program. Navigate to the ISO file that you downloaded above, open the file in the section Local (Here we use the iso file of Windows 8 32bit)
I created the USB 7 with UltraISO
Step 2:
Click Menu Bootable—->Write Disk Image ...
I created the USB 8 with UltraISO
Step 3: Select the correct USB drive from Disk Driver then click Write
I created USB 8.1 with UltraISO
Step 4: A bulletin board appears, click Yes to format usb (Note: Need to save data in USB before doing it, because after this step the data in your USB will be deleted)
I created a USB flash drive with UltraISO
The process of creating a USB will take a certain amount of time, after the end you have got 1 usb that can be installed win every time the computer goes down.

So with the above article, we have instructed you on how to create a usb that can be installed with UltraISO software, and you can also use other utility software to perform such as Windows7-USB-DVD- tool. Good luck!


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