Instructions for customizing Safari’s start page on iPhone and iPad

On your iPhone or iPad (running iOS 15/ iPadOS 15 or later), you can easily customize Safari’s Start Page to make everything more personalized to suit your usage habits. . The way to do it is not complicated at all.

Customize Safari’s Start Page on iPhone and iPad

First, launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad, and open a new tab by tapping the tab button (two overlapping rectangles), then clicking the plus (“+”) button.

You’ll see Safari’s “Start Page” by default. To edit the content displayed on this page, scroll down and click the “Edit” (Edit).

Click the “Edit” button

Immediately, Safari’s “Customize Start Page” window will appear. Here, you use the switch button next to the listed options to turn them on or off. The specific function of each option is as follows:

  • Favorites (Favorites): Enabling this option will display items from your favorites list (such as bookmarks).
  • Frequently Visited (Frequently Visited): This option displays a list of websites that you visit frequently.
  • Shared With You (Shared): This option shows a list of items shared with you by others through the Messages app.
  • Privacy Report (Privacy Report): This shows a report on the number of trackers Safari has recently blocked.
  • Siri Suggestions (Siri Suggestions): This feature shows suggestions from Siri related to what’s in your history and bookmarks.
  • Reading List (Reading List): This shows items from your Reading List.
  • iCloud Tab: This option shows Safari tabs synced on iCloud from your other devices.

Available options

Also on this launch page customization window, you can use the “three stacked dash” handle button next to each item to touch and drag the starter page items in the list. This will allow to change the display order of items on the startup page.

Change the display order of items

If the option “Background Image”, you can also choose an arbitrary photo as the background of the startup page. Tap an image in the thumbnail or tap the plus (“+”) button to select a custom image from your camera roll.

Choose wallpaper

In case you want to make your startup page as minimalistic as possible, disable all the options included in the list above.

When you are done with the setup, click the “X” button to close the customization window. The changes you have made will take effect immediately. Wish you have a good experience with Safari!


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