Instructions for downloading and installing Bandicut

Instructions for downloading and installing Bandicut

The process of downloading and installing Bandicut on the computer will be encapsulated in 9 steps by Taimienphi, users who are interested in this video collage software can refer and follow for quick, accurate and detailed installation. Save the most time.

If you are looking for one Video editing software Professional and quality, Bandicut will be the choice not to be missed. The software has an extremely simple and user friendly interface that comes with powerful features. You will easily cut the video parts of the original file but retain the original quality faster than any other video cutting software.

Instructions for downloading and installing Bandicut

Besides, Bandicut supports backup with many different formats like AVI, MP4, MKV, M4V, … and many other smart features. To experience the software in more detail, invite Taimienphi to perform the download steps, Install Bandicut on the following computer.

Download and install Bandicut on your computer

Step 1: You access the link address Here To download Bandicut latest version.
Step 2: Press the button Download / Download or drag the screen down to the section Download link Here, you select an arbitrary link to download the installation file Bandicut on your computer.

guide and install bandicut 2

Step 3: Right-click on the downloaded Bandicut installation file and select it Run as administrator .

guide and install bandicut 3

Step 4: Select interface language for Bandicut, then press OK, got it .

Tips Bandicut has Vietnamese support for users

guide and install bandicut 4

Step 5: A welcome window appears, click next .

guide and install bandicut 5

Step 6: Choose I Agree to agree to the publisher’s terms of use.

guide and install bandicut 6

Step 7: Tick ​​the installation options you desire or press next now to move on to the next step.

guide and install bandicut 7

Step 8: Press Browse … to select the installation directory of Bandicut. If you do not want to change you choose Install to keep the default setting.

guide and install bandicut 8

The installation process will take a few minutes, depending on the configuration of the device.

Step 9: An installation notification screen appears, press finish .

guide and install bandicut 9

When the installation is successful, the Bandicut software’s working screen will display as shown below.

guide and install bandicut 10
According to Taimienphi, the process of downloading and installing Bandicut, Video cutting application relatively simple, does not take too much time of the user. Now, you can freely explore and experience powerful video editing, cutting and editing features, and apply it to your work for better performance.


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