Instructions for downloading the Edge Chromium browser

The Edge browser is currently very active for testing its versions with Edge Chromium Dev and Edge Chromium Canary. Users can also download the Edge Chromium browser themselves with the above two versions and experience

Certainly for Windows 10 users, it is no stranger to the Microsoft Edge web browser of Windows 10, but it, like IE, is easily forgotten by users when there are countless better options. But please Try downloading the Edge Chromium browser and experience a look, you will certainly feel satisfied with the current two versions: Edge Chromium Dev and Edge Chromium Canary. 2 The trial version is updated daily and weekly before the release of Edge Chromium Beta.

Download the Edge Chromium browser

Instructions for downloading the Edge Chromium browser

What is Edge Chromium?

guide to Edge chromium 2 program

Edge Chromium is the latest version announced by Microsoft with great improvements thanks to the addition of Chromium, an open source platform that has built many browsers like Coc Coc or Google Chrome.

Currently, Edge Chromium has 2 versions: Edge Chromium Dev for developers and Edge Chromium Canary for test users, you can also download both versions and try it out.

– Download Edge Chromium Dev here.
– Download Edge Chromium Canary here.

Step 1: After downloading the link above to your computer, we just need to run to install the Edge Chromium browser, as in this article we are trying to run the download of Edge Chromium Canary, the version is constantly updated to update New features as well as bug fixes in the old version.

guide to edge chromium 3 programming

Step 2: Wait for a while, you will experience after downloading Edge Chromium browser and installation is complete. Users will be required to set up a few basic settings.

guide to chromium edge programming 4

Step 3: We will then officially experience Edge Chromium with some minor changes to the interface of Edge Chromium.

guide to Edge chromium 5 program

Step 4: The most noticeable point is that there are many icons and features added on the Edge Chromium menu bar, users can explore more about these features on their own.

guide to Edge chromium 6 program

When conducting a speed test, the overall results show that Edge Chromium reaches approx 1028 score, this score is based on the checks of many users.

Edge Edge Chromium 7 Program

Compared to the old Edge, this number is only 573 ie half the size of Edge Chromium. So downloading Edge Chromium browser and experience is totally worth it.

guide to Edge chromium 8 program

But try comparing with Firefox, this number is 1424, Edge Chromium still has a lot of work to do to get the same number of points. We can completely hope for the official version of Edge Chromium.

guide to Edge chromium 9 program

In the war IE was once a failure and was replaced with Edge, but Edge is still too weak to be able to defeat rivals like Google Chrome or Firefox but if you Compare Edge browser and Chrome There are still a lot of points for users to experience.
Not to mention the top 5 utilities for Microsoft Edge, you might think again if you think that this browser has nothing to explore. Let’s refer to Top 5 utilities for Microsoft Edge to discover more features about Edge.


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