Instructions for inserting and embedding Youtube Videos in Blogger

There are times when you suddenly find a video on YouTube is very good and you want to share it on your blog for others to see, so do you know how to insert Youtube videos into Blogger?

Are you looking to embed YouTube Videos into Blogspot, and don’t know how to insert videos into Blogspot? Follow the article below of to know how to do it.

How to insert Youtube Videos into Blogger

Step 1: First, at the youtube video you want to insert, click on Share, then select the item Dip and copy all the contents of that rectangle.

insert youtube video into blogger

You can choose the size at item Video size. Here the default is 560 x 315.

Step 2: Next you go to the blog, open up content editor. Click here HTML and paste the command line you just copied from Youtube into the text editor and add the title for the post and select Publish is to be.

Now go to your Blog homepage to see the results.
Insert Youtube Video into Blogger is a small trick to make your blog more unique and attractive. Similarly you can embed Videos, songs on other entertainment sites easily. Hope this trick helps you.


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