Instructions for inserting links into Stories on Instagram Android, iPhone

Instead of limiting the ability to add links on Stories to certain accounts, Instagram has now extended the feature across all user accounts. And you can easily insert a link into an Instagram Story pointing to your website, Facebook link, or personal Shoppe to accomplish your marketing and sales goals, detailed steps are as follows.

Previously, only Instagram accounts with more than 10,000 followers or verified could Insert link to Story on Instagram. However, the latest Instagram update has made it possible for all users to add a website to Instagram, attach a Facebook link to a Story, and more. This expansion could help Instagram creators continue. closer, interact more with his fans.

How to add a link on Instagram Story, instructions to insert link on Instagram Story

Instructions to insert a link into Story on Instagram

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your phone and log in to your personal account.

If you do not have Instagram installed on your phone, you can quickly download it by following the link below:
– Load Instagram for Android
– Load Instagram for iPhone

Step 2: At the main Instagram screen, click on your personal avatar with a (+) sign to add a message. You can choose to create a story with photos or videos to post on your personal Instagram.

How to add a link to the Instagram Story

Step 3: After you have selected the photo/video for your story, click on the Sticker icon at the top of the screen, scroll down and click “”link

Step 4: You enter the website, Facebook link, Shoppe, …. want to add to Story, press “Accomplished“.

How to insert Shopee link into Instagram

Step 5: The screen displays the image/video you want to post the Story with the link you just added. By default, this link will appear in the center of the screen. You can click on the link to move to other locations or add text options, effects, …, for Story.

Step 6: After you have created a suitable Instagram Story, click on the arrow and select the options that you want to see.

How to add website to Instagram

Step 7: Your story has been published, you return to the main screen to view the story. Here, you can choose to share the news on Facebook, Zalo, Messenger,… In addition, you can also touch the link on the screen and access the link attached to the story.

How to remove link on Story Instagram

So has shared with you how to insert links into Stories on Instagram, add links to Stories on Instagram quickly. Use the tips in this article to add a website to Instagram, add links to Facebook, Shoppe,… to Instagram and implement your marketing and sales strategies. Good luck.
If you are a new user and do not know how to use and exploit the features on Instagram, share the article How to use Instagram on Android of will be very useful to you. Please refer, use it to share your feelings through good personal photos of your friends!

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