Instructions for installing a disk-free printer

Currently, you can install the printer without a disc easily and quickly. But installing a diskless printer for first-time users is not easy, so you can refer to the article below to be able to install the printer effectively.

A printer is a popular tool for printing documents and manuscripts, especially in the recent period it has been used by many people to better meet work needs. However, if you are having trouble installing the printer without the included disc, you can follow the instructions immediately.

How to install the printer without a disc

Instructions for installing a printer without a disk

You must first connect the printer to the computer via a USB cable.

Step 1: You enter Control Panel by pressing the key Windows + R type Control -> press OK, got it

Print settings do not need a dia

– In the section Hardware and Sound you choose Add a drivice to add a new device.

Print settings do not need a dia

– Or can click Device and Printers -> select Add a printer.

The printer does not need a dia

Step 2: Then the table appears Add Printer Wizard then you click next to continue

Set the printer

Step 3: Board Local or Network Printer then you have to choose the type of connection to the printer

– Local printer attached to this computer: The printer is directly connected to the computer.
– A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer: The printer is connected via an intranet or connected to another computer that has the printer installed.
Then you click next to continue.

Setup printer in no need on computer '

Step 4: For the next table you click next to continue

Print settings do not need a dia

Step 5: Select the printer connection plug in the section Use the follwing port here you choose LPT1 you clicked next to continue

Print settings do not need a dia

Step 6: You choose the right printer vendor you are using in Printers, you clicked next to continue.

Print settings do not need a dia

Step 7: This printer selection table is the default when printing appears, you can choose 1 of 2 cases Yes: Agree – No: Is not. This situation occurs when there are multiple printers on the same system next to continue.

Print settings do not need a dia

Step 8: The next table is the table you want to print a test page after the installation is complete and you select Yes: Agree – No: No and click on click next to continue.

The printer does not need a dia

Step 9: The table of information has been listed, you click Finsh to finish the installation process.

Print settings do not need a dia

If any problems occur after the installation, you should check the previous installation stage is okay.

The above is one of the ways to install a diskless printer on a computer system without using a disc. Also, where there are many printers and you want to set a default printer as your own printer, you can also refer to the manual. Install the default printer for Windows that we shared earlier.
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