Instructions for installing and playing CrossFire Zero

You are struggling to know how to download and play the next-generation shooter CrossFire Zero on your computer? Do not worry, Taimienphi will guide readers in detail step by step to experience the new features of this FPS 2020 super product.

CrossFire Zero is a tactical shooter developed based on the Raid game that has stormed the Vietnamese market, CrossFire Zero has a completely Engine graphics system and many new game modes including Battle Royale. Brings many interesting experiences for you.

CrossFire Zero – Tactical shooter with Battle Royale mode

How to download and play CrossFire Zero on your computer

Currently the test version of tactical shooter Crossfire Zero is being released in other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand … not Vietnam alone. Therefore, you need to Fake IP on your computer to download the CrossFire Zero installation, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: First you need Fake IP connect to Singapore sever, please refer to the instructions below if you do not know how.
How to Fake IP without software

Step 2: After successfully Fake IP, you continue to download Stove software and install, click I Agree => Install => finish.
– Download link Stove Latest version here.

Installation instructions and play crossfire zero 2

Step 3: In the main interface of the software Stove, click SIGN UP below to register an account => Fill out the information, tick to agree to the terms of service => Next, create a new account.

How to install and play Crossfire Zero 3

Return to Stove software, type your username and password => click Login.

How to install and play Crossfire Zero 4

Step 4: Click on the game icon that appears right on the screen, download and install CrossFire Zero immediately.

How to install and play Crossfire Zero 5

Step 5: And now you can comfortably play CrossFire Zero the normal version of the computer, so remember to immediately turn off the Fake IP software when logging into the game.

How to install and play Crossfire Zero 6

As mentioned above, CrossFire Zero currently has 2 classic game modes and Battle Royale for gamers to freely choose.

How to install and play Crossfire Zero 7

The system will ask to collect hardware information for the computer you are using, their purpose is just how to bring the best experience for gamers.

Installation instructions and play crossfire zero 8

Select the character class you want to play CrossFire Zero

How to install and play Crossfire Zero 9

Many features that gamers can explore when playing CrossFire Zero shooter on computers.

Installation instructions and play crossfire zero 10
Hopefully, with the tutorial on how to install and play CrossFire Zero on Taimienphi’s computer, it will help you to experience before the blockbuster FPS, legendary shooter like the Raid system but with more improvements. Do not forget to refer CrossFire Zero game configuration on the computer in advance for a good experience.


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