Instructions for installing Online TV Player

The solution to install Online TV Player to watch TV right on the computer will be a great choice for users to instantly watch their favorite TV shows or radio channels from domestic to international with stable and flexible quality. without having to use a TV or radio.

Online TV Player is a small tool but allows users to freely enjoy attractive TV content both at home and abroad through the Internet. Besides, you can also listen to radio stations through this tool.

Instructions for installing Online TV Player

In the article, Taimienphi will share instructions for installing Online TV Player among interested users who want to watch TV, listen to radio on the computer.

Instructions for installing Online TV Player

Currently Online TV Player only supports computers with Windows XP, 2000, 98 and requires the installation of RealPlayer 6 or Microsoft Media Player 7 or higher to watch TV programs;

Interested users can download the Online TV Player software in the pre-set Taimienphi link below.

– Download the Online TV Player software here: Download Online TV Player

You can also download the latest RealPlayer and Microsoft Media Player right here.

– Download the RealPlayer software here: Download RealPlayer

– Download the Microsoft Media Player software here: Download Microsoft Media Player

Step 1: You open the installation file Online TV Player recently downloaded on device with administrator privileges;

guide online tv player 2

Step 2: In the welcome window, click Next to move to the next step;

guide to online tv player 3

Step 3: In the setup folder setup window, click Next if you want to set as default or select Browse and change the location if desired;

guide to online tv player 4

Step 4: Similarly, you can also change the shortcut’s setting Online TV Player in the Start Menu by pressing Browse . Press next to save settings.

guide to tv online player 5

Step 5: In the new window, you can choose:

– Create a desktop icon: Create desktop shortcut;

– Create a Quick Launch icon: Create a shortcut on the Taskbar;

After ticking the desired setting, click next ;

guide online tv player 6

Step 6: In the next window, Online TV Player will ask you to confirm the selected settings again. Press Install let the software perform the installation process;

guide online tv player 7

Step 7: The system will perform the installation shortly. At the end of a new window has the following content. You press finish and finish the installation process.

guide online tv player 8

Now the installation process Online TV Player On the completed computer, open the software on the device’s interface Online TV Player will display the following.

guide to tv online 9
So we went together to learn about 7 steps to install Online TV Player. From now on, you can enjoy various international TV programs with fascinating content on your computer whenever you want. In addition, there are many TV viewing software other professionals on computers and phones that you can download and use.


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