Instructions for installing TypingMaster Pro, software for practicing typing with 10 fingers

Instructions for installing TypingMaster Pro, software for practicing typing with 10 fingers

You want to install TypingMaster Pro, so refer to how to install the software to learn to type 10-finger keyboard on PC, TypingMaster Pro laptop below. TypingMaster Pro software is one of the effective 10-finger keyboard typing software, giving you many useful typing lessons.

TypingMaster Pro is software designed to teach you how type 10 finger keyboard, so your typing speed will be greatly improved. The software provides lessons with many different levels, in addition to many games that both entertain and enhance your typing.

How to install TypingMaster Pro, 10-finger keyboard typing training software

Use TypingMaster Pro? Why not?

You are a computer novice, office work does not allow you to type each word while looking at the document, just take time and work is not effective. TypingMaster Pro is the best way for those who are not good at typing, just over a period of time exposed to this utility, your typing speed will be greatly improved, without having to look at the keyboard. You can still type text.
System requirements
– Install TypingMaster Pro on computers using Windows operating systems of all versions.
– Support computers using RAM> 32MB.
Download the latest version of TypingMaster Pro

Instructions for installing TypingMaster Pro on the computer

Step 1: Open the folder containing the installation file TypingMaster Pro named typingmaster-pro.exe,
Guide TypingMaster Pro
Step 2: Select the appropriate language to use on the utility later.
Click OK, got it
Install TypingMaster Pro in the tasty 10 movie version
Step 3: Choose next to continue the installation process either Cancel if you do not want to install TypingMaster Pro
Install and use TypingMaster Pro
Step 4: The manufacturer will issue a number of terms that require users to agree to install TypingMaster Pro. Choose I accept the agreement if you agree.
Click next
Install TypingMaster Pro on pc
Step 5: A window displays the path containing the installation file later, the default path of the manufacturer usually requires installation in the drive C: Or you can change the path if desired by selecting Browser.
Click Next.
Install TypingMaster Pro on windows
Step 6: At this operation, the manufacturer offers 3 versions for you to choose one of the versions that best suits you.
Standard Install: Version includes lessons appropriate for self-study at home or at work.
School / Company Install: used in educational, business or governmental environments. To use the features in this version, the computer requires a network connection.
Custom: Select some available features to install. This version is for people who have lots of experience with computers.
But to use the most effective, recommends using the version Standard Install.
Click next to continue.
TypingMaster Pro go 10 delicious
Step 7: The program includes many features of quick typing of phrases, but this feature you must activate and use is not available. If you agree to use this feature, select ” Yes, I want to... “
Click Next.
Install TypingMaster Pro
Step 8: You can choose the name of the directory where this utility is stored, use the default name available or change it according to the available directory name in the system by selecting Browser.
Click Next.
Install TypingMaster Pro on winxp
Step 9: Click Install to start installing TypingMaster Pro.
Install TypingMaster on windows 7
The installation process takes a certain amount of time, and takes place quite quickly.
Download TypingMaster Pro
Step 10: Click Finish to close the installation window.
Download TypingMaster Pro on pc
After the installation process of TypingMaster Pro is completed, the utility has the interface as shown below.
assigned TypingMaster Pro
The above article has shown you how to install TypingMaster Pro for easy use on your computer, helping you with all difficulties and answering any questions encountered during the software installation process.
Having the same functionality as TypingMaster Pro, Typing Trainer is also one of the effective keyboard training software. Typing Trainer provides two main features: Quick Typing Boost with the aim of minimizing typing practice time with simple exercises and Typing Analyzer helps track and analyze your typing method as well as usage skills. through the keyboard, detect common errors and help you improve and modify it
Also, you can practice typing 10 fingers with 10 Finger BreakOut has introduced in previous articles.


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