Instructions for installing WinZip, software for compressing and decompressing data files on computers and laptops

Installing Winzip allows you to compress and decompress data files on your computer effectively, without affecting the file quality. When compressing files using WinZip software, your files will be compressed quickly, the size is reduced significantly, so you can easily download files to send mail and share with everyone.

WinZip is known for its ability to compress and decompress files effectively, besides supporting the many compressed file formats of this utility makes it very popular with the internet community. Next to WinZip. WinRAR is also loved and used by users. Download WinRAR has very fast compression speed and decompresses files.

How to install WinZip, software to compress and decompress data files on computers, laptops

In what cases do we use WinZip?

– When we want to compress and decompress files, with popular formats like * .rar, * .zip, * .7z, … and other file formats such as: * .tar, * .gzip, * .cab, image files, video
– Data security, set passwords for compressed files.

Recommended configuration for installation.

– WinZip support for all Windows, MAC OSX and mobile devices using iOS and Android operating systems.

Instructions for installing WinZip.

Step 1: Run the installation file of the program. If your computer does not have or you have just had the old installation, you can download the latest version of WinZip: Download WinZip

After clicking the installation file. A window appears asking you to choose the language you want to install.
You can choose the language you want to install to use the most convenient. Here we wear is English.

Select the installation language, you click OK, got it

how to install winzip

install winzip

Step 2: The Install WinZip window appears, where the publisher announces some features that the software supports. To install, click Next> >>

If you are in doubt about something you do not want to install, you can click Exit to cancel the installation

guide to install winzip

Step 3: After clicking Next> >> window WinZip Setup appear.

Here the publisher suggests that you choose AVG search toolbar on your internet browser
– Check in Use AVG Security Toolbar to improve my Internet protection to agree to install this toolbar
– Tick the options circled in the figure to set the default AVG Secure toolbar as the default search engine, homepage, or when opening a new tab of the Internet browser.

Here we leave as in the picture.
After making your selection, click Next> >> to continue the installation process.

Install winzip

Step 4: Window WinZip User Feedback appears, here the publisher suggests giving you the option to respond to users to make better use of the software.
You choose Yes, I Want to help improve WinZip. Here we leave the default as shown in the picture
After making your selection click Next> >>

download winzip

Step 5: The installation process starts updating and installing automatically on your computer.
This process takes about 1-2 minutes, depending on the computer configuration.

install winzip

Step 6: After the process is completed, a window will appear telling you that WinZip has been successfully installed.
There is a choice here Launch WinZip. If you check here, the working interface will appear after you exit this window.

You click finish to complete the installation and use of the software.

install winzip

With the fairly specific steps in the tutorial above, surely anyone can install WinZip easily in the first use of this software, so you can effectively use the compression and decompression features. Compress the data file that WinZip brings on the computer. Also you can Compress the file using WinRAR was introduced in the previous tips.


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