Instructions for installing Youtube without ads, running in the background

Youtube is an indispensable application on the phone but it is too battery-consuming and often runs in the background, so how to be able to use Youtube without ads or running in the background, try installing the YouTube version without ads Fox, run the following background.

If you are using Android devices, congratulations because we can install the Youtube version without ads, run in the background Easily. And if you are using YouTube iPhone version, please be sad because Youtube Vanced does not currently support this device. Youtube Vanced is the name of the application that helps us to experience YouTube without being disturbed by ads or draining battery due to running in the background, the special advantage of Youtube Vanced is that no root needed can still be used.

– Download Youtube on Andorid device: Youtube for Android
– Download Youtube on iOS devices: Youtube for iPhone

Instructions for installing Youtube without ads, running in the background

To install the Youtube-free ad, run in the background first, download Youtube Vanced on your Android device here, do not try to find because Youtube Vanced Not available on the CH Play app store.

– Download Youtube Vanced for Android here.

Step 1: Proceed to download the application Youtube Vanced Download and wait for YouTube Vanced to finish downloading on your device.

Guide to install YouTube without warning 2

Step 2: After completing all YouTube Vanced, click open and prepare to install Youtube Vanced.

How to set up youtube youtube is not easy 3

Note: Youtube Vanced is an external application that is not included in CH Play, may show a warning when installing Youtube without ads, running in the background. Click to allow the software to continue running.

Step 3: After installing YouTube Vanced, we open this software, on the surface, Youtube Vanced is like the original Youtube application.

How to set up youtube youtube is not recommended 4

Step 4: You can still search and watch videos as usual, but the special thing is that the ad no longer appears on the video you are running, including the background.

How to set up youtube youtube is not easy 5

So after installing Youtube without ads, running in the background, we can verify that YouTube Vanced does not allow ads to display. And whether or not it runs in the background, you just need to use Youtube Vanced for a while and let it run to see if it drains more battery than before. However, can be sure that if you want to install YouTube without ads, run in the background, Youtube Vanced is the best choice. Another way is that you need to download Youtube videos to your computer or phone to watch, with many different ways to download Youtube videos, you can easily watch Youtube videos without any difficulties.

Disable Youtube ads or similar dynamic rows so you can experience the content better. But in fact, does not encourage this because it makes content creators reduce revenue and means that there will be less good content for you to see. So you should only turn off YouTube ads for clips and videos that are deliberately placed with lots of ads.
How long have you been watching YouTube and are you sure you’ve watched all the content on Youtube? make sure you do not know about censored Youtube videos because these are famous videos that are not available for countries not on the list, so to see censored Youtube videos we have to what ? The answer is simple, please refer to the instructions how to watch Youtube videos censored here and find the restricted content yourself.


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