Instructions for making recruitment tickets in Excel

Instructions for making recruitment tickets in Excel

The way to make recruitment tickets in Excel is quite complicated, if you do not know the tools and functions of this office software, you will spend a lot of time and effort to design your own form. beautiful appealing to viewers to show their professionalism.

If you work in the HR industry, you will probably find it difficult and difficult to synthesize data from many types of CVs of the candidate then create a unified document for easy reading and evaluation. more accurate.

Instructions for making recruitment tickets in Excel

With instructions for making recruitment tickets in Excel right in the article below, Taimienphi will help you own impressive, beautiful and professional recruitment or information sheets.

Instructions for making recruitment tickets in Excel

First of all, to make a recruitment coupon using Excel, of course you need to download and install this software on your device. According to Taimienphi’s advice, you should use the latest version of Excel for support and use the smartest and most convenient features.

– Download Excel 2019 software here: Download Excel 2019

You continue to download recruitment form, candidate information Here Go to and open on device.

The form will look like this.

guide to excel using excel 2

This information form is divided into 2 main parts:

Candidate information : A place for candidates to fill in information about themselves such as job, background, family, education, …

Employer evaluation information : Reviews and evaluation of the recruitment council;

In the recruitment form in Excel, shared by Taimienphi, there are all basic items. However, depending on the nature of the job, you can add or remove parts accordingly.

To add a new row to the recruitment chart, right-click on the position of the line you want to add. You choose Insert , then tick the line Entire row . Finally hit OK, got it , a new row will be added to the table, the row you just pointed your mouse at will be indented below;

guide to excel using Excel 3

Similarly, to add a new column to the recruitment table with Exce, right-click the position of the column you need to add, and then select Insert . In the function dialog box, you choose Entire column and press OK, got it . A new column will be added to the right after the position you just pointed your mouse;

guide to excel using Excel 4

After adding a new column or row, you can change the information or format the size and color to complete the recruitment form.

Through the content of quick sharing just now, Taimienphi has provided and quickly instructed the manipulation of recruitment tickets in Excel. Hopefully this recruitment form will help your HR management work faster, save time and effort.
In addition to making recruitment tickets on Excel, you can make accounting books right on your Excel tool, if you do not know how to do, please refer to the tutorial article. Making accounting books on Excel here.


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