Instructions for playing the most complete Scabbard Garena Free Fire mode

All milestones have been completed and the Garena Free Fire game is now available. The Scabbard Garena Free Fire mode is very difficult and it requires the player to calculate the tactic carefully, a harmonious teamwork to complete. Below is a guide to playing the most comprehensive Garena Free Fire mode that you need to know if you want to participate.

The main purpose of the Garena Free Fire killing mode is to kill a giant Boss Samurai within 20 minutes. Players can team up with friends (up to 4 players) or randomly play with others in Multiplayer mode, do not forget to dodge the attacks of Boss Samurai.

Fight the Boss Boss Samurai in Garao Free Fire mode

How to play Scabbard Garena Free Fire mode

Step 1: To play the Garao Free Fire mode, you first need to start the game on your phone or computer, then select click regime.

– Link to download Android version: Free Fire for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Free Fire for iPhone
– Link to download the PC version: Free Fire for PC

guide to play garena sat free fire day du nhat 2

Step 2: In the list of maps and modes, select Executioner as the picture below.

guide to play garena sat free fire day du nhat 3

Step 3: Click Start to play Garao Free Fire mode, journey to destroy the giant Boss Samurai.

guide to play garena sat free fire day du nhat 4

Boss Samurai has extremely high HP up to 5x and you have to kill him in 20 minutes is not a joke. You do very little damage (damage) to him while one of his attacks can easily swallow half of the blood you have.

guide to play garena sat free fire day du nhat 5

There are 4 towers in every corner of the map and standing near any tower can restore your HP. After a certain amount of time, the Tower Light is off and that’s when the player has recovered their full health. You can turn on the light by clicking on the tower, but be careful because you are vulnerable to attack while turning on the light.

guide to play garena sat free fire day du nhat 6

After each specific stage, a green area will form near the towers and anyone standing in this area becomes inviolable. Repeatedly firing Boss Samurai and making the most of the green area effectively is the perfect way to complete the Garena Free Fire game. When Boss Samurai’s life bar is only 1x, he becomes more aggressive and will destroy all four towers. Focus on shooting the Samurai Boss head while he is focusing on destroying the towers, making sure to finish him as quickly as possible.
Right now you can play the Garena Free Fire mode on your computer using Android emulators, all the features and game modes are guaranteed to be the same as on your phone. How to play Garena Free Fire on the computer Extremely simple, you just need to follow the instructions of Taimienphi to do it.


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